Jeremy Zucker at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN

Jeremy Zucker @ Marathon Music Works, Nashville | Photo by Gary Johnson

Singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremy Zucker returns to Music City’s historic Marathon Music Works for the Is Nothing Sacred? Tour.

As the lights dimmed, strobe lights flashed white, lighting the darkened stage. You could feel the crowd on the edge of their metaphorical seats as they screamed with excitement. Moments later, Jeremy Zucker entered the stage from a blast of light and was welcomed by a loud roar. He stood on a small, rectangular platform surrounded by green grass and flowers, and video screens behind him on either side, angled toward the crowd.

He began the set with “i need you (in my life),” a track from his latest EP Is Nothing Sacred? As the screens displayed mesmerizing visuals to accompany the song, Zucker danced on the podium and the audience sang with him. He followed with “OK,” a recent single and track from the EP, and “all the kids are depressed,” an early fan favorite.

In between songs, Zucker effortlessly interacted with the audience. He even pointed out a fan who made a shirt that said, “I need ZUCKY music in my SUCKY life.” After performing “comethru,” another early fan fave, Zucker told his story behind “scared,” one of his solo tracks on his collaborative EP with Chelsea Cutler, Brent. He continued into an intimate performance of the song and led into “brooklyn boy.”

This solo, acoustic section of the set didn’t last long. After playing “i-70,” he openly asked the audience who was having a bad day. After a quick back and forth with a few fans, he brought up two girls to the stage. He spoke about his experience with a close friend who was at a very low point in their life, and he admitted that he didn’t know what to say, but would be there to cry with them. Zucker then transitioned into singing “Cry with you,” while sitting next to the girls on the podium. After the song ended and the girls returned to the audience, the band followed with “you were good to me” and “this is how you fall in love,” both being tracks recorded with Chelsea Cutler, to who he gave a shout-out to. To finish the set, Zucker performed “end.”

The audience begged for more, chanting the songwriter’s name–a few fans even screaming at the top of their lungs. After a few minutes, the band returned to the stage. Zucker started with an electric guitar intro to “always, i’ll care,” and the band came in halfway through. They ended the night on a high with “Supercuts,” joined by Sam McPhearson on electric guitar.

We enjoyed having Jeremy Zucker here in Nashville with us. He’s got a banging set prepared for you so make sure you check to see if he’s coming to your city! His latest EP Is Nothing Sacred? is available on all streaming platforms.

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