Subtronics at Marathon Music Works Nashville, TN

Subtronics @ Marathon Music Works, Nashville | Photo by Emily Swafford

A line formed outside Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN as the Antifractals tour rolled into town for a sold-out show.

The lineup featured some of the biggest names in bass music, including Austeria, Leotrix, Must Die!, Peekaboo, and Subtronics. The fans showed up and showed out for their favorite artists.

Austeria, an up-and-comer from Maryland, kicked things off with a haunting scene, using red lights to create an ominous atmosphere. Her tracks featured deep bass and eerily haunting vocals, transporting the audience to another world. She was a perfect opener for the night, setting the tone for the rest of the show. The crowd was certainly ready to get wild.

Leotrix, hailing from Australia, took the decks to follow. His stage presence was super hype and full of energy, and he started headbanging from the moment he took the stage. Leotrix dropped an unreleased VIP of his tune, “Jump.” Then, halfway through his set, the DJ stood on the table and pulled up a light bar to hold over his head, electrifying the crowd with his energy. 

Must Die! took the stage next, bringing his unique style of heavy dubstep to the mix. Having come up in the production world in the early 2010s in Houston, he quickly rose to fame and was released on Skrillex’s label, OWSLA, as well as London’s, Never Say Die Records. He kept the energy high, gave the crowd their favorite track, “Chaos,” and kept the crowd pumped up for what was to come.

Peekaboo followed, and his set was a highlight of the night. Detroit-born Matthew Lucas has music in his blood. From learning to play trumpet alongside his dad, to attending college for audio engineering, Lucas has spent his whole life perfecting his art. His signature blend of heavy bass and experimental sounds crafted the perfect trip through his music and best collabs. Tipping his hat to the man that first got him into electronic music, he dropped some Skrillex as well as his top tracks “Here with Me” and “When I’m Gone.” 

Finally, Subtronics took the stage, and you could feel the energy… and barely move as the crowd packed in. From the first drop, he had the crowd viciously headbanging to every track.

Subtronics, aka Jesse Kardon from Philadelphia, is a fiercely followed member of the EDM scene. Since his dive into the electronic music production world in 2011, he has played the biggest music festivals and headlined multiple tours. Jesse also owns his own record company bearing his mascot’s name, Cyclops Recordings, where he has created a platform to share and elevate the music of other artists.

Through his set, he played some of his biggest tracks as well as the Cyclops Army’s favorite collabs with artists like Griz and Excision. Though he went hard with his wavy mane flailing while he headbanged, he also made sure to take care of his fans with frequent reminders to stop and drink some water.

The crowd broke their necks to “Griztronics,” “Gassed Up,” “Clockwork,” “Puzzle Box,” and his latest release with Ganja White Night, “Womp Portal.” 

The Nashville stop on the Antifractals Tour was one of the last, but every artist brought amazing energy and the crowd gave it right back in a vicious way only bass music fans know how.

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