We have created Loud Hailer to be an online music magazine not just for music fans but for musicians, and others who work in the music industry. In today’s world, what it takes to make a living in the music industry has changed but certain things will always remain the same: the feeling of being in the room at a great live show, hearing a lyric that feels like it was written directly for you or a great hook lifting you out of a terrible mood.  

We want to celebrate music in all its forms and genres, from musicians at the beginning of their journey who are working other jobs to make ends meet to those performing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans in stadiums and everything in between!

We will also feature interviews with those who help musicians do their thing; publicists, managers, record company execs, producers, and engineers.

Loud Hailer consists of a network of photographers, concert reviewers, album reviewers, interviewers, columnists and musicians based throughout the world. 

We would love to hear from you whether you are a publicist, a record label or band looking for coverage of upcoming material. 

Contact us at press@loudhailermag.com.