Illusions by The Way Down Wanderers

The Way Down Wanderers create Illusions that everyone can enjoy, taking the music back to its roots and showing that music doesn’t have to be complicated.

Music is supposed to touch the soul. That was always supposed to be the intent. However, due to how things evolve, music makes us scream, cry, laugh, but The Way Down Wanderers go back to the roots. The music’s simplicity is one of the key factors in Illusions because despite being modern, these musicians have influences from all types of music. It shows throughout the entirety of the album.

There is so much to say about the musical content in Illusions, it is very special. Every song on this 11-track LP takes the listener to at least one place in their life. The melodies intertwined with the soft vocals, and the perfect pace of drumming will definitely get you singing and getting in touch with your feelings. “All My Words” is a notable track because it manages to take all the elements sprinkled within this album and combine them into this song. It takes the listener to a place of nirvana because it is a well-composed song. Throughout the entire album, each song does not disappoint and every song has something unique about it to give that special something. Each song can be dissected; you can appreciate every instrument, from the ones that are in each song to the ones that are unique to that song. The spectrum for this well-composed album is wide.  

Lyrically, the album is just as beautiful as the music. The lyrics on this album took time. While being simple and easy to relate to, each one just has an atmosphere. Illusions will have you reminiscing about their past, people they’ve loved, and just different things that we all go through in our day to day activities. The Way Down Wanderers gives the listener the message that other people deal with what they do as well.

Overall, this is an easy listening album that has something for everyone. Everyone needs to relax and check out Illusions. It’s musically a masterpiece, while at the same time keeping it simple. The lyrics are quite in-depth while at the same time being easy to understand. There is something unique about this band and they deserve all the love they get because it’s quite obvious that they love people and all of their fans as well. We need to wander way down with these guys. This album is full of love and just a great positive message overall.  

Illusions was released today, so go take a listen for yourself now.

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