Maude Latour at Sonia in Cambridge, MA

Maude Latour, an up-and-coming indie pop artist, gets the crowd excited during the Boston stop of her East Coast tour.

Standing outside of Sonia nightclub, you could feel the crowd’s excitement build as it got closer to door time. You could hear conversations about the opening act and people showing each other the bouquets of flowers they brought to give to both Maude Latour and Raffaella. Though it’s located in Cambridge, Sonia is known as one of Boston’s most intimate venues for touring acts. A fitting venue for Maude Latour, an artist on her first headlining tour, especially with a sell-out crowd. As the doors opened, people flocked to the front of the stage, but the stage is a perfect height for the view to be unobstructed, regardless of the height of the people around.

Soon after the crowd settled in the opening act, Raffaella, came out. A solo artist, backed by her one-person band, proved just how enthusiastic the crowd was as they cheered both of their names. Raffaella was wearing a Reptar shirt, conveying exactly what type of set this was going to be – fun, and exciting. The two got the crowd really into the vibe of the whole show, singing along, smiling, laughing. Before the last song, her advice to the crowd was, “I used to kiss my friend a lot. Don’t do it”. After this was said, a fan in the front row reached up and handed her a rose, and with the biggest smile got right into the last song. The crowd wanted more at the end of Raffaella’s which is exactly where they should be after the opener.

As good as the opener was, Maude Latour needed to come out strong. She opened her set with the song “Furniture,” which happens to be the opening song from her well-received 2021 EP Strangers Forever. The crowd fully focused now as Maude looked natural up on the stage for her first tour. She went straight into the next two songs, “Superfruit” followed by “Lovesick” from her 2019 Starsick EP. She danced around the stage making the venue feel much bigger than it was, leading the crowd who were singing along with their arms waving to her newest single “Lola.” Released only a week ago, it was impressive seeing how well the crowd knew the lyrics already.

The excitement came to a peak as a new unreleased song, “Trees,” was played. This is when the bouquet of flowers was handed over. Maude was excited to be this well received by the fans in Boston, as they were seeing her. Hailing from New York, she spoke about how fans wanted her to play a bigger venue as this show was one of the sold-out stops on her short tour.

To build up anticipation for the encore, she stopped the crowd, brought them to silence, and led them in three deep breaths before walking off the stage. The crowd cheered for Maude to come back before she eventually did to play her last two songs. Everyone danced wildly, jumping along in the same way as Maude was. Her last song was her most popular, a song called “One More Weekend.” Originally released as a single in 2020, it is now on her Strangers Forever EP.

In the end, it was a great show by two budding artists, and seeing them both play bigger venues in the future is a distinct possibility.

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