Sons by The Heavy

The Heavy creates an album that brings modern and classic together in a blend of groove, rock, and fun. Sons is a truly spectacular creation.

To step outside the boundaries of modern music and to put a twist on a classic genre that hasn’t had much love lately is a risky plan, but with The Heavy’s new album Sons the group achieves this almost perfectly. From the 1st song to the 11th, the band gets the groove out of the best of us. The mixing in this album is incredible, the music is bouncy and groove-heavy, and the vocals are so much fun to sing along to. This is not your ordinary album and it should not be approached as such. Sons contain a sound that has been missed by many and now the longing for a true bluesy, groovy, and rockabilly album can finally come to an end. This band delivered in an amazing way.

Musically, it’s modern meets classic. Every song has a different element and not a single one sounds the same. The intro song “Heavy for You” is the perfect example, because this album was made for the current fans and is a great way to bring in new ones. The emotion in this album is a blanket over the groove. Each song could make a person dance, laugh, or even shed a tear or two. There is something for everyone. The Heavy is incredibly underrated and is proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. There is nothing that could stop the blues for these guys.

The lyrics are amazing in this album as well. Each song touches on something that we go through on a day to day basis. Issues include relationships, life in general, or loving who you are as a person. It’s a very personal album for the group and it’s a step outside The Heavy’s comfort zone. Sons could help any listener get through the tough times. When you listen to the record, guaranteed you will listen again.

In closing, this album is a smash hit. It contains influences from all walks of life. It’s quite different than the ordinary stuff that we hear on the regular. With groovy riffs, bouncing drums, and amazing vocals The Heavy does not plan on giving just a little, they give everything they have. From beginning to end, this 35-minute album has no filler. It is jam-packed with absolute raw talent and brings new life to a genre that hasn’t received much love. The Heavy will always “Burn Bright” just like the outro track on the record. After listening, there is not a single shred of disappointment.

Sons is available on all platforms now. Be sure to go check it out!

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