Weyes Blood at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC

An indie-pop vocalist extraordinaire and a worldwide known whistling talent team up for a special evening that lit hearts aglow.

The Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC had a special buzz about it. On the second night of Weyes Blood’s In Holy Flux Tour Pt II Tour, the sold-out crowd could barely contain their excitement. The artist this audience came to see is much more than just a musician. Weyes Blood is a voice of their generation who understands their loves, pains, and hopes for a brighter future. Weyes Blood is the definition of an indy-pop rock star.

Starting off the evening was Molly Lewis, a very talented and very unusual opening act. Molly introduced herself to the crowd simply, “Hello. My name is Molly Lewis and I’m a whistler.” Joined only by a microphone and a small laptop computer for her backing music, Molly mesmerized the audience with a totally unexpected and quite beautiful set. Over 750 people standing in complete silence while Molly performed went to demonstrate the undivided attention Molly’s music deserved.

The last time Molly Lewis was in North Carolina was eleven years ago when she performed publicly for the first time at a whistling festival. In the time between, Molly has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, released two EPs, and appeared on numerous singles with other artists. Still not comfortable with the spotlight, Molly expressed her fear that no one would listen to her set only to be met with thunderous applause and excitement from the audience. 

Funny and charming, Molly’s music ranged from her interpretations of Chopin, a song in “dolphin language,” and tracks from her EP Mirage and The Forgotten Edge. Surreal and gorgeous, Molly Lewis’ whistling voice was a unique joy to experience.

Natalie Laura Mering, better known by her stage name Weyes Blood, has released six albums. Her latest album, And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow, received critical acclaim from multiple outlets and has amassed a feverishly intense fanbase. Dressed in a simple, pure white gown with a flowing cape, Natalie entered the stage to rapturous applause and cries of “I love you” from the audience.

The small band on stage provided a complex and layered musical backdrop that had no sharp edges and provided an excellent canvas to support Natalie’s performance. Ranging from slightly country to an interpretation of the Beach Boys covering dark and moody Pink Floyd songs, to light inclusion of electronics reminiscent of a Stanley Kubrick movie soundtrack, the band provided excellent support without taking any attention away from the woman everyone came to see.

Similar to Molly Lewis’ set, the audience remained totally silent except to sing along with Natalie through the entire set. Their attention was firmly placed on the artist they came to adore. Natalie’s voice performing live is equally as beautiful as in recordings. It’s impossible to not make comparisons to Karen Carpenter with her soaring alto voice mixed with deep tenor power. Opening with her latest single, “It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody,” Natalie instantly engaged the audience who sang along quietly and watched as she and her flowing cape effortlessly traversed across the small and crowded stage. The setlist included “Andromeda,” “Grapevine,” and a powerful performance of “God Turn Me Into A Flower” backed by a video created by British filmmaker Adam Curtis specifically for this tour. Stopping regularly to answer questions from the audience and to receive a DVD from an attendee for the band’s collection, Natalie played a sort of hip, cool kid role in between songs and closed the distance between herself and the audience even more.

The Weyes Blood incarnation of Natalie Mering is aglow with excitement and promise for the future. Natalie Mering is a superb vocal talent whose stage presence will continue to mature as her indie-pop career surely will skyrocket in the months to come.

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