Powerwolf at Palladium Times Square in New York, NY

It was a truly religious experience in New York, NY, when Powerwolf took the stage for the first time in the US.

Starting the metal mass off with high energy “Faster Than The Flame,” it didn’t take long to see just how ready the US was to be blessed by the German power metal band, Powerwolf. With a sold-out show, the band was ready, the crowd was ready, and everything was perfectly in place for this first-ever US performance by Powerwolf. 

The band was visibly taken aback during their set. The immense energy and passion the crowd had for this band were unmatched. Between each song, the crowd would chant a fervent “Powerwolf! Powerwolf! Powerwolf!,” leaving members of the band genuinely moved by how excited the audience was. At one point during the now standard “Powerwolf!” chanting, singer Attila Dorn, after a moment to collect himself and look out over the audience, exclaimed “You are really crazy!” to the enthusiastic crowd.

Highlights from the show include several sing-a-long moments with Dorn where he had the audience repeat after him chorus-driven moments during selected songs, such as “Armata Strigoi.” Likewise, keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel kept the high energy flowing throughout the set by bouncing around the stage, thrusting his fists into the air, and even waving the Powerwolf flag across the stage. The audience matched the energy with their chants and cheers before, during, and after each song. 

Another highlight from the show was before the song “Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone,” when Dorn asked the crowd to illuminate the venue with the flashlights from their phones. There was one concertgoer who had LED lights on the bottom of their shoes and held those up among the sea of phone lights. It was a moving performance to see the venue light up the way it did with everyone’s phones held high as Dorn’s voice carried the emotionally charged song. 

With a setlist that included 18 songs, Powerwolf performed a multitude of favorites such as “Army of the Night,” “Beast of Gévaudan,” “Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” “Sanctified with Dynamite,” and “We Drink Your Blood.” Newer songs like “Sainted by the Storm” to be featured on their upcoming album were also on the setlist.

Powerwolf’s US and Canada tour concludes on March 25, 2023, in Los Angeles, CA. Several tour dates were added after the initial announcement leading to shows quickly being sold out. Now that Powerwolf has finally brought their metal mass performance to the US, there is hope they will continue to announce tours within North America. If given the chance to attend a Powerwolf performance, it should not be missed.

Powerwolf will also release their special album Interludium on April 7, 2023.

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