Silverstein at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY

Silverstein came to Clifton Park, NY after touring from the west to the east coast, selling out shows shortly after they were announced.

Silverstein’s latest tour is celebrating their 20th anniversary. They invited I The Mighty and Four Year Strong along, selling out shows in many states. The crowd in Albany was pumped from the beginning. They came in knowing what to expect since most of them have been long time fans of Silverstein. When the doors opened the merch tables were flooded so people could buy the exclusive tour merchandise. 

As I The Mighty took the stage, they opened with their song “Pet Names.” This is one of the band’s most known songs you will hear on most Spotify playlists. The high energy within the pit started and the crowd surfers went up. As the pit went crazy, the band started with the next song from the album Failures. During the set, Brent Walsh had quite a way with getting the crowd hyped with his energy having such a radiant vibe. The band kept up the vibe with an energetic set by playing “The Lying Eyes Of Miss Erray,” “Cave In,” and “Silver Tongues.” The last song of their set “Speak To Me” was a  great ending as they introduced Four Year Strong.

“It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now” started the set. Since forming in 2001, they’ve been killing their shows since day one. This show at Upstate Concert Hall was no different as the band and the crowd have a connection through the songs. They played 12 songs and some of them are the biggest hits the band has ever dropped. “We All Float Down Here” is a must for them to play. This song gets the crowd hyped and ready to let loose. Looking at the crowd, the mosh pits and crowd surfing was off to a start. Dan O’Connor was on point with his vocals as he lead into every song of the night. “What the hell is a gigawatt”,  “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” and “Talking Myself In Circles” are some of the staple songs of their career that they played. As the guys in the band played the last song of the set “Wasting Time,” the people who were by the bar came up to the crowd and got ready for the main event of the night.

Besides celebrating 20 years, Silverstein was also celebrating the release of their new album A Beautiful Place To Drown. They played the song “Burn It Down” from the new album and the crowd went crazy. This is the first tour they’ve played these new songs live, such as “Infinite” and “Madness.” The biggest surprise of this tour was the six-song acoustic set they performed. Three of the band’s most known songs were a part of this – “Massachusetts,” “Still Dreaming,” and “Aquamarine.” The album everyone was hyped to hear and ready to hear them play was Discovering The Waterfront. This album was a huge staple in the band’s career. Shane Told chatted with the crowd a bit before to let everyone know how much they’ve appreciated the support and love they have received to be able to be a band for 20 years. With that being said, they played the whole album in its entirety. The songs “Smile In Your Sleep,” “The Ides Of March,” “My Heroine,” and “Call It Karma” were the most anticipated songs of the night. The big finale for this show was their performance of “Bleeds No More” with silver confetti fell from the ceiling as they tossed picks and drumsticks out to the fans and said the final goodbyes of the night.

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