Static X at Warehouse Live in Houston, TX

Industrial metal’s Static X stopped by Warehouse Live in Houston, TX to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their platinum-certified album Wisconsin Death Trip.

Surviving Static X members Tony Campos, Ken Jay and Koichi Fukuda reunited not only to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their breakout album Wisconsin Death Trip, but also to honor late frontman Wayne Static, who died in 2014. They were joined onstage by a new frontman who only goes by the name “Xer0”.

Wednesday 13 got the crowd of early attendees ready for what was to be a raucous night. Fronted by the enigmatic Joseph Poole, the guys put on one hell of a show, using stage makeup and costumes to add to the dark moodiness of their music. Poole even managed a costume change during their forty-five minute set.

Backed by a large video screen behind drummer Daniel Fox and two small video walls on either side, Dope came to the stage with a purpose, to bring the house to a frenzy. And they did. Lead singer Edsel growled through their set, really having the crowd jumping during their hit “Die, MF’er, Die.” Frontman Edsel Dope joked with the crowd that what they were about to hear made absolutely no sense before launching into a cover of Dead or Alive’s 80s classic “You Spin Me Round.”

Co-headliners Devildriver managed to get the pit that was in the center of the room really moving. Lead singer and last original member Dez Fafara’s gravel truck vocals added to the heaviness of Devildriver’s music that has been entertaining metal fans since 2002.  Guitarist Mike Spritzer’s dreadlocks almost seemed to fly in time to the music as he pounded on his guitar. They played a mix of originals and covers, with the most surprising being a cover of Awolnation’s alternative hit “Sail.”

But Static X was what everyone really wanted to see. How does a band continue without the man that was the face of the music? In Static X’s case, they wisely didn’t. They don’t want to replace late singer Wayne Static, they want to pay tribute to him. Who is the new singer for the band? No one knows. There is speculation that Dope frontman Edsel Dope is “Xer0”, but Capos, Jay and Fukuda have kept that a secret. Xer0 arrived onstage with Static’s trademark hair and makeup that almost looked like he was decomposing.

The lights went black and the band’s name slowly formed on the video walls behind the drum kit as anticipation built in the audience. The boys came out swinging with the song “Bled for Days” followed by the title track from Wisconsin Death Trip.  Every song from the 1999 album was played as well as a few other beloved songs. The whole set felt like a tribute to their fallen leader and the crowd was with them every step of the way. The night ended with the song “Push It”. As the three remaining original members bowed and threw drum sticks and guitar picks to fans, “Stem” played in the background.  Wayne Static’s voice lingered in the air.

In addition to the tour, the Campos, Jay, and Fukuda will be releasing a new album titled Project Regeneration later this year that is composed of music Wayne Static worked on prior to his death. They hope to have 12 to 15 brand new songs. There was a lot of material to work with, even some isolated vocals of Static and nearly completed songs.

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