Surf Curse at The Studio at The Factory in Dallas, TX

Indie-rock band Surf Curse visited Deep Ellum this past weekend to perform a show for the excited fans that call Dallas their home.

Surf Curse brought their insane talent to The Studio at The Factory in Dallas, Texas. The band was formed in Reno, Nevada and has been playing together for nearly a decade now. They have since relocated to Los Angeles, California. The four members are Nick Rattigan (vocals/drums), Jacob Rubeck (vocals/guitar), Noah Kohll (guitar), and Henry Dillon (bass). A lot of people recognize Rattigan by his stage name Current Joys, known for his experimental style of music. The band just released their fourth studio album, Magic Hour, in October of this year. 

Supporting them this fall is the band Toner. The Oakland, California-based band has two albums out. Their latest is from September of last year, White Buffalo Room. The four who make up the band are Samuelito Cruz (vocals/bass), Nick Bruder (guitar), Mikey R. (guitar), and Blaine (drums). Some of their popular songs are “‘95 Slow” and “Dark Ecstasy” from their 2020 released album, Silk Road. Their thirty-minute set flew by quickly as the audience danced along to their lo-fi rock.

The headliner started their show at 9:00 PM. Early on in the show, Rattigan and Rubeck expressed that they already really liked the crowd’s energy. After about the fourth song, fans started requesting a lot of deep cuts to which Rattigan responded, “We only play the hits.” They played a few songs from their first album, Buds, including “In My Head Till I’m Dead,” “Heathers,” and “Goth Babe.” In between two songs, Rubeck asked the crowd to give him a yeehaw, to which the crowd obliged and gave him a really loud southern-style yeehaw. 

From their latest album, Magic Hour, they played “Arrow,” “Self-Portrait,” “Unwell,” and “TVI.” The fans were enthusiastically responsive to the band and continually engaged the entire night. The band also introduced their sound guy, Robin, and explained to the audience that this was his first time in America. Towards the end of the show, one girl crowd surfed from the back of the pit to the front. 

The band played a couple of more songs such as their 2015 single “Freaks,” which is also on their album Buds. In 2021, eight years after it was first released, the song reached 64 on the UK Singles Chart. For the encore, they came back onto the stage to close the show with another single, “Disco.” Disco was released in 2019 and has been a fan favorite since.

Surf Curse’s North American tour will continue until mid-December and will include additional supporting artists Momma and Grumpy. Be sure to grab some tickets next time they come to a town near you for a night of great music.

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