Limp Bizkit at Dow Event Center in Saginaw, MI

Nu-metal group Limp Bizkit blow fans away with a career-spanning set on the Still Sucks Tour with support from Yung Gravy, Dying Wish, and Wargasm UK.

Up and coming rock and nu-metal band Wargasm UK kick off the evening with a high-energy set. Led by Sam Matlock and Milkie Way (Rachel Hastings) on vocals, they have been generating a lot of buzz in the industry and won the 2021 Heavy Music Awards’ “Best UK Breakthrough Band.” Jonathan Davis of Korn recently named them his favorite nu-metal revival band.

They tear through their set which includes the new song “Drildo.” The songs are driven by some wicked drumming by Adam Breeze. Sam and Milkie Way make use of the whole stage, running and jumping around. At one point, Sam gets up close to the fans and goes crowd-surfing briefly while still singing. They close it out with “Spit” and a small snippet of Metallica’s “Fuel” that has the crowd screaming. Fans should expect to hear a lot more from Wargasm UK in the future.

Next up is Oregon-based metalcore band Dying Wish. The band features Emma Boster (vocals), Sam Reynolds (lead guitar), Pedro Carrillo (rhythm guitar), Andrew Le (bass), and Jeff Lambra (drums). They tear through several songs from their 2021 debut album Fragments of a Bitter Memory. They too have been getting plenty of buzz and were nominated for “Best International Breakthrough Band” at the UK Heavy Music Awards.

Their set is not for the weak at heart as it features some intense, harsh vocals. The stage is densely lit and, at times, you can only make out silhouettes of the band. Emma is the focal point as she works the stage, throwing in some jumps and headbanging in between singing. It is a short, but highly entertaining set.

Minnesota rapper Yung Gravy keeps the momentum going with a rousing set that has the fans singing along, bouncing, and waving their arms. He gets it started with the song “Gravy Train” as he roams the stage and engages the audience. He throws a bit of humor in when he says Fred told him he wanted “a little bit of lubrication, a little bit of gravy before the Bizkit come out.” The crowd loves it. His set also includes the songs “The Boys are Back in Town” and “Mr. Clean” among a few others.

After a lengthy break, Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit walks out and takes a seat in a recliner, and gets things started with the new song “Dad Vibes.” Eventually, the rest of the band joins him as he starts stalking about the stage, accentuating the songs with his hands, and throwing in sideways leaning kicks. The stage features DJ Lethal up high on a platform at center stage along with an inflatable of a woman vacuuming with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, a nod to the album cover for Still Sucks. Drummer John Otto is positioned sideways on the right side, giving fans a great view of his powerful playing. They continue with two more new songs, “Out of Style” and the single “Dirty Rotten Bizkit” that really gets things moving. A mosh pit breaks out on the floor and some fans start crowd-surfing to the front.

From here, the rest of the set is packed with hits spanning their career, starting with “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)” which has fans pumping their fists in the air and singing along. Guitarist Wes Borland and bassist Sam Rivers join John on his drum riser as they rock out on the next song “Hot Dog.” Wes always has some costume and/or makeup and tonight is no different. His face is covered in white makeup with black streaks, and he has on a black mask that covers the upper half of his face. To add to it, he has contacts that black out his eyes, and it appears his tongue may also be black. It has a rather macabre vibe to it. He kicks off the next song, “My Way,” with a cool guitar intro and the stage also has some eerie red and purple backlighting. DJ Lethal does some scratching on the outro and the crowd lets out huge cheers.

During “My Generation,” John Otto is hitting his drums with such authority you would think they would be destroyed. After that song, Fred asks the crowd, “Can you feel it?”. He then says “I see crowd-surfing is legal here”, before asking “Is marijuana legal here?” That, of course, gets a huge reaction from the fans. They also play a killer run of hits including “Nookie,” “Full Nelson,” “Eat You Alive,” and “Faith.”

Bassist Sam Rivers is dialed in tight tonight. You can feel the bass throughout the arena as they launch into the hit “Re-Arranged” which has a large mirrored ball spinning above the stage being hit by beams of magenta light. That transitions into “Boiler,” where Fred is joined by Milkie Way from Wargasm UK to share vocals. 

Before “Take a Look Around,” Fred makes a joke about Tom Cruise writing the song as it was used in the movie “Mission:Impossible II.” During the song, Sam Matlock from Wargasm UK joins Fred on vocals as they rock it out. After turning up the house lights, Fred brings out some of his crew and is also joined by the other artists as they take it to another level on the fan-favorite “Break Stuff.” This song has the fans totally crazed as two large circle pits open, and the rest of the fans are jumping up and down and going wild.

It is a great ending to an awesome set by Limp Bizkit, and a great evening of music by all the artists.

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