Peekaboo at The Caverns in Pelham, TN

The cold weather did not deter fans from flocking to The Caverns. On deck was subterranean bass music as Peekaboo performed at the Tennessee venue.

A parking lot full of vehicles from all over started the party under the night sky before the doors were open. This night of bass music opened The Caverns up for their 2023 season and you could feel the excitement in the air.

Big Mouth Cave gives you this wild feeling of being on another planet but gently reminds you you’re in a cave with drops of water from the stalactites. It’s perfect for shows like these. Weird music in a weird environment….of course this is meant in the best way possible. 

The crowd had been anticipating this show for so many reasons. It had been rescheduled. It was sold out. It was the season opener for The Caverns. Not to mention, Peekaboo had just released a track with Skrillex 24 hours before the show – and, of course, they wanted to hear it live. 

The night started with Nashville artist, T3l3port, opening things up. He got everyone moving and set the deep wobbly tone for the evening. 

On next was Digital Ethos, an experimental bass music producer from South Jersey. Also known as Charlie Quigley, he filled the room with punchy subs and wubs that made you wobble.

The trifecta known as Ternion Sound was the last support act. A Minnesota DJ super group birthed from a friendship and a b2b2b in 2016 at Infasound Music Festival, Ternion Sound has put their own spin on deep dub. The trio played heavy, played hip-hop, and played some fresh unreleased music.

Peekaboo, also known as Matthew Lucas, was born with music in his blood. Raised around the Detroit Symphony where his dad has been a trumpet player for more than 30 years, Matthew picked up a few things. He played guitar and trumpet as well but happened upon a track by one Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, his freshman year of high school. It was then that he fell in love with a new kind of music. Learning all he could about this new world of what seems to some as just robot noises, he began learning the foundations of music production and went on to study audio for horror films in college. However, in 2017, Peekaboo moved across the country to LA and began self-releasing music. This move came at the perfect moment for his life. Over the next few years, he made his name known in the bass scene. 

Finally taking the stage through a spray of white lights was Peekaboo. News anchors talking about the Chinese spy balloon were the eerie intro track followed by a deep dive into the world of Peekaboo’s beats. 

His set was a great ride of well-balanced bangers, slowed-down moments, insane lasers, and hazy color washes. Crowd sing-alongs to his mixes of classic tracks like “Bigger Than Hip Hop” by Dead Prez and “Promises” by Nero were hyped by the crowd. Fans also let the hair fly as they headbanged to his heavy tracks like “Babatunde.”

Less than 24 hours before the show, dance music legend Skrillex released a long-awaited full album, and Peekaboo was featured on it. Being on this insanely anticipated release with his first EDM influence has to be a satisfaction beyond dreams. He announced his fresh collab before he dropped “Hydrate” and the whole cave went mad. He continued to celebrate the album through the night by featuring other breakneck tracks from the album. “RATATA” and “Rumble” made fans lose their minds yet again. 

“Here With Me” lit up the cave and had everyone singing in unison to his collab with Marshmello. A family photo and a few tracks later, he ended the wild night with his remix of Deadmau5’s “Strobe.”  

Check Peekaboo out! He’s currently on a US tour, has a headlining Red Rocks date in April, and has festivals scattered over the summer. 

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