Charly Bliss at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, ON

Charly Bliss made a stop at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, ON along with support from hometown band, Casper Skulls.

Casper Skulls, fronted by Melanie St-Pierre, were the opening band for the night. Playing mostly tunes from their debut Mercy Works LP along with a couple of new ones which they are presently recording. Melanie offered a spirited performance with her vocals and guitar work. She led the band while it seems the other members were content to be more in the background. Nonetheless they proved to be a competent opening band and deserve to be heard and seen more frequently.

Charly Bliss is an American four-piece power pop/rock band from Brooklyn, NY, comprised of Eva Hendricks, Spencer Fox, Sam Hendricks, and Dan Shure. They blew into Toronto on rainy Thursday night and put on an incredibly powerful show. They are touring in support of their album Young Enough.

Vocalist/guitarist Eva Hendricks looked extraordinary in a pink ballerina tutu with a white electric guitar around her neck. Her blonde hair flailing wildly and generally covering her gold-speckled face most of the night. Charly Bliss blasted through their 15-song set with enthusiasm and euphoria. They genuinely looked excited to be on that stage at that moment in time. The sound of distorted garage rock guitars paired with synthesizers filled the entire club and their energy was off the charts.

They opened their set with “Capacity”and quickly went through all of their well-known songs including “Young Enough” and “Blown to Bits.” By the third song, Lee’s Palace was transformed into a wild dance party with a lot of the attendees jumping up and down to the pounding of the music. The band kept this energy spinning throughout the night with their infectious pop sounds, rhythms and glittery pop choruses.

Charly Bliss songs explore themes of difficult experiences and lost youth. Eva, at one point, even mentioned that many of the songs are difficult to discuss and are better off just being played. The band does not banter very much on stage and let the music speak for itself. None of their songs feel too performance-staged or tinged with fake emotion. 

The band ended the night with their encore number “Percolator” from their previous album Guppy.

Charly Bliss is a band that exudes the energy and enthusiasm that keeps you coming back for future shows. Given the opportunity, they could easily light up larger stages and would be a great attraction on the festival circuit.

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