Introvert by Saint Asonia

Saint Asonia comes out from the dark with their EP, Introvert and finds the courage to stand up for themselves.

Saint Asonia‘s Introvert is the long-awaited seven-song EP from the Toronto, Canada-based quartet set to release July 1st, 2022 on Spinefarm Records. 

The band’s current line-up is Adam Gontier (vocals, guitar), Mike Mushok (lead guitar), Cale Gontier (bass), and Cody Watkins (drums). They have been teasing their fans with hints of the new EP for some time on its social networks, releasing a cover of The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights in November 2021 and a lyrical video in April 2022 for Above it All, the first video single from Introvert.

The songs were written during the height of the global pandemic when venues were closed and the band’s previous tour for their second album, Flawed Design, was put on hold. Introvert is a musical reflection of the struggles that arose both in the band’s personal life and while recording the EP during quarantine.

The EP starts off dramatically with “Above It All,” a stadium rock-ready single that will have the listener hooked from beginning to end. The track begins with a high-pitched, sci-fi-like electronic sound as Adam Gontier strums his guitar and sings, “It’s time to take a stand and save our lives.” This is followed by their classic dramatic pause right before Watkins lets loose on the drums. Mike Mushok’s guitar solo at the two-minute mark is a jaw-dropping, dizzying display of marksmanship that pairs so well with the tempo added by Cale Gontier’s bass.

There are two ballads on the EP that are lyrically heavy on feelings of regret, change, and hope. “Better Late Than Never” is a classic lighters in the air (or cell phone) song that fans can easily sing along with the band. “Chew Me Up” (featuring Johnny Stevens of Highly Suspect) is more intense with Stevens’ soulful rapping and Gontier’s vocals building in desperate intensity until the end. 

Fans of the band’s previous albums will enjoy tracks “So What” and “Left Behind” that also feel reminiscent of late 90s alt-rock and pop-punk.  There is a unique range of musical styles used in each track most likely influenced by the band’s vast collective history of work over the years.

“Bite The Bullet” is the most poignant song on the EP that Gontier wrote in remembrance of his late father who often used the phrase. The track sends the message that sometimes there will be moments that are out of your control and nothing you can do will change it. Without knowing the inspiration for the song, the lyrical storytelling gives the listener an impactful visual. “This life’s all that I get. Nothing changes so bite the bullet. Now that you’re gone, that’s all I know.” 

During the breakdown, Gontier holds his high note for a whole 10 seconds, while Watkins hits the floor tom to mimic what sounds like a heart beating. It’s hard to imagine trying to record a new EP while you’re separated from your bandmates and having one of those tracks dedicated to your late father. 

Introvert brings to light feelings of loss and separation and seeks to create a connection with their listener. The EP wraps up nicely with a cover of The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” a harder, more melodic version of the original. Gontier’s vocals are so intense they unearth a raw emotion to make this version something you could bang your head to on the dance floor.

  Introvert Track Listing:

  1. Above it All 
  2. Better Late Than Never
  3. Chew Me Up
  4. So What
  5. Left Behind
  6. Bite the Bullet
  7. Blinding Lights

Introvert is out on July 1st. You can pre-order your copy here.

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