Jimmy Eat World at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI

Jimmy Eat World and Charly Bliss brought good music and a fun time to Detroit with their Something Loud Tour.

When people think of Detroit, pizza is typically not the first thing that comes to mind. That was not the case for the Brooklyn, New York band Charly Bliss. They started the night off with their powerful song, “Hard to Believe In.” Lead Singer, Eva Hendricks went right in to mention how excited they all were for the Buddy’s pizza they got for after the show. Detroiters know and love Detroit-style pizza, so the crowd screamed a collective “YEAH!” when she mentioned Buddy’s. After the show, they were asked about the pizza and Eva said “We loved it!! Everything was so delicious!”

As the set continued, people in the audience were happily bouncing along with Eva and the rest of the band. The band is made up of Eva, her brother Sam Hendricks on drums, Spencer Fox on guitar, and Dan Shure on bass. Their chemistry on stage made it apparent that the four-piece band grew up as childhood friends.

When they had three songs left, there was a pause where Eva mentioned that they “were so nervous we forgot to mention how excited we are to be on tour with Jimmy Eat World!” She went on to mention that they were “lifelong fans” and that it was a dream to share the stage with them. They continued to finish out the set strong, the crowd loved every minute of the 40-minute set.

During the changeover, the music was a mix of classic 80s hair metal playing that kept the crowd lively, singing along, and ready for Jimmy Eat World. Once the lights dimmed, the crowd knew it was time. Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Zach Lind, Rick Burch, and Robin Vining took the stage one by one. They started the night with “Futures.” From the crowd’s reaction, that was the right song. It set the temp for the evening for fun rock music.  

They continued with a second song from Futures, “Pain” followed by “Bleed American” and “Criminal Energy.” They took a pause to look at the crowd and give an obligatory “Detroit Rock City” shout-out and mentioned that they “have been playing this venue since 1996. I’m sure some of you were at that show.” More than a few cheers came from the crowd who were at that show. The set continued with a mix of songs from Chase This Light, Surviving, Bleed American, and Clarity.

Jim brought out his acoustic guitar for both “555” and “Hear You Me.” These acoustic songs gave the crowd who had been dancing since the first notes a much-needed break to sing along. The pace picked back up with “Sure and Certain.” This prepared the crowd to get ready for the latest single “Something Loud,” released in 2022.

To wrap up the set they played “Lucky Denver Mint” from the 1996 album Clarity. They ended the set with crowd and pop culture favorites “Sweetness” and “The Middle” from the 2001 album Bleed American.  

This stop was just the fourth date of the Something Loud Tour. The energy of the packed house at Saint Andrew’s Hall showed that this tour is not one to be missed.

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