Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Ft The Parallax Orchestra) by Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge captures a once in a lifetime experience and brings it to living rooms all around the world.

Alter Bridge is a band that is always innovative with anything that these guys put their hands on. Live at the Royal Albert Hall is by far the best package that the team behind these guys has put together. The band’s music has always been known for Mark Tremonti’s chunky guitar riffs and Myles Kennedy’s godlike voice and how powerful their music is, and one would almost feel like they couldn’t dare top what they have accomplished so far, but the Parallax Orchestra fit like a missing puzzle piece. It creates even more emotion and power and the orchestral music behind the band brings out the best in everyone involved. This was a celebration for the band and fans alike. In the crowd there were people from all over the world and all walks of life that came together for these epic two nights of good rock music and beautifully splendid orchestrated pieces.

“Slip to the Void” is the song that kicks off this amazing set, with an intro that would put chills down any fan’s spine, with Myles blessing ears with his soft singing, only to blast into a full gear with the orchestra. None of the hype drops throughout this amazing concert, as the band and the orchestra keeps the energy going for a complete 21-song set. The setlist is very well put together as it spans through the bands illustrious 10+ year career, touching on every album and playing almost all of the fan favorites. Fans in attendance that night were even treated with a song that the band has never played live titled “Words Darker Then Their Wings” which shares vocals between Kennedy and Tremonti.  

Live at the Royal Albert Hall is being released on various formats, including CD and vinyl, and also on Blu-Ray/DVD. The video quality itself is amazing. There are also several special features including interviews from not just the band, but the Parallax Orchestra and a handful of the team that were all a driving force in making this accomplishment happen for the band. The camera cuts are very well put together, showing little bits and pieces of everyone that are showing their passion on that stage. The ultra HD puts the viewer and listener right in that venue with all those raging fans. This live concert is quite lengthy too and it’s guaranteed to keep one entertained for nearly 3 hours. It’s a delightful package that any Alter Bridge fan needs to get their hands on when it releases on September 8th of this year on Napalm Records.

In a nutshell, one couldn’t wish for a better presentation. The band captures a concert at a legendary venue with an amazing orchestra and condenses it so you can listen and watch at home. Alter Bridge have always been known for being an amazing live band (which is why they fill arenas), but Live at the Royal Albert Hall (featuring Parallax Orchestra) definitely takes the cake. This package is full of amazing ultra HD video, good songs, and a very generous length of time. Fans of this band will for sure be completely satisfied scratching their Alter Bridge itch with this live concert, or better yet, live experience.

You can pre-order the various formats of this release here.

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