Tasty Nasty by Wilson

Wilson’s third and incredibly fun album Tasty Nasty is due out for release on August 24, 2018 on Red Music.

Listening to albums in today’s modern sound of rock n’ roll can be hit or miss as a ton of stuff is regurgitated. Genres doing the same old thing can be a little frustrating, if one enjoys listening to several genres then that’s what is wanted and desired to create a little variety in their music. Yes, focusing on things we all go through is great and all, but sometimes a different vibe is a craving all of us get, and with Wilson’s third album Tasty Nasty, they hits every single spot when variety is desired.

From start to finish, quality is evident in this amazing album. Tasty Nasty has everything, ranging from metal songs that cause you to bounce and sing, to groovy fun songs that are very radio friendly (not in a negative way) and deserve much more exposure than what is given.  “Like a Baller” is the single that has been released and is a perfect choice because it sums up what Wilson is about – good rock, mixing things that aren’t usually mashed together, and attitude which helps shape the band into what they are.

The album completely screams a ton of nostalgia for Millennials with songs like “Act My Age” which talks about all the things that 90s kids probably remember vividly and it tends to bring a lot of those old cherished memories back of watching MTV, hearing punk rock on every station, or just being a kid. Those elements tend to make the song so very special for any ears that this album falls upon. Another notable track on the record would be the final one, “Everyone Gets a Round on Me,” which definitely has another nostalgia factor from their influences and while current, makes the listener feel like they are waking up in 1998.

Lyrically, it’s just a good time. There are quotes in this album that will just slap a smile across someone’s face or could make one rage about the people that have done them wrong. As stated previously, there are so many nostalgic references that most people that give this album a listen will understand. This album and the content is something that you could immediately get lost in. Whether it is the music or the fun lyrics, guaranteed there is something that listener will find that they enjoy. Tasty Nasty is an album to watch out for.

Tasty Nasty is set for release on August 24 and you can pre-order it here.

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