No Cross No Crown by Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity are back after five years and have created an album that is well worth the fans’ patience and time.

One of the biggest challenges to staying relevant in today’s music world is maintaining a sound that fans will be able to relate to while also evolving as a band. Corrosion of Conformity are a band that have made this possible. With multiple lineup changes, a 30+ year career, and several albums under their belt, Corrosion of Conformity know exactly what their fans want and how to evolve in a way that fans continue to stick with this band. No Cross No Crown is definitely the band’s most powerful project to date.

The album starts off with a great intro, ”Novus Deus,” which immediately sends you into the album not knowing what to expect. From the second track, “The Luddite,” all the way to track 15, new and old fans alike can expect a special treat. This album’s composition is over the top and you are definitely able to tell that these guys have experience in their field. No Cross No Crown is a musical masterpiece from how the songs are organized, all the way to the short instrumental tracks that are spread in between the songs.  These instrumentals help tie the album together as it seems like after each instrumental track the album changes its vibe ever so slightly. COC make it feel like the listener are getting several different pieces of an album that come together beautifully. “Little Man” is one of the standout tracks on the record, the song is good rock n’ roll, relatable lyrics, and one of the best written songs on the album, from the moment that the guitar riff hits, to the bluesy verse, to the catchy chorus; this song is a sound that other rockers have missed.

The music and melodies lay the groundwork for the album, with the lyrics filling out the stories that band are trying to tell. COC create a vibe so that that the music and the words tell a story each time. It’s easy to see from the tracklist that the vocabulary in this album is superb. The writing is phenomenal, as previously stated, the lyrics are relatable and can be interpreted however the listener chooses. The lyrics fit perfectly with the music so that each one works together to create one amazingly packaged presentation. As far as words go, one track that stands out was “Cast the First Stone”, which has an important message about not judging others for their faults, but examining ourselves before we throw stones at others.

IX was the group’s last album and released in 2014 and No Cross No Crown was definitely worth the almost five year wait. Time was taken with this project and it is quite evident throughout the entirety of the album. Small details that might not seem to make a big difference really tend to make this album stand out, and you can feel the talent in every part of it. Tracklisting, composition, lyrics, and music all work together in favor of COC. The guys are here to stay and are more ambitious than ever.

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