The Struts at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI

UK rockers The Struts kick off their Remember The Name … The Struts Tour to an enthusiastic crowd with support from Mac Saturn.

Detroit’s Mac Saturn kicks it off with a great eight-song set that blends a mix of rock and rhythm & blues. They have been generating a buzz since 2020 with their live shows that are led by lead singer Carson Macc, who rarely stands still. Looking like something out of the psychedelic era with purple pants, a zebra-striped shirt, a white leather jacket, and donning sunglasses, he dances about the stage and has the crowd going wild on the opening song, “Mint Julep.” They keep the energy high with “Persian Rugs” and follow that with “Young in Paradiso.” Guitarist Mike Moody tears it up while arching back and then whipping his hair about. Guitarist Nick Barone also adds to the sound with some catchy riffs. Laying down the solid and deep bottom are drummer Angelo Coppola and bassist Jive Moses.

During the new song “Good to You,” Evan Mercer gets in on the action with some awesome jamming on the keyboards, and the song also has some killer bass. In addition to singing and dancing, Carson can also be found playing the tambourine on many songs, as well as maracas on at least one song. He sure knows how to command the stage and the fans love it. Mike opens the song “Ain’t Like You” from their album Until The Money Runs Out with a slow jam before the rest of the band joins in and gets the crowd singing along. Following the groovy and soulful “Mr. Cadillac,” Carson uses a phone prop and proclaims, “I want everybody to get on the phone. We’re gonna be taking you up to 420 degrees,” and also says, “Do you still love me, baby?” before they jump into “Get On The Phone.” Winding it down, they play “Plain Clothes Gentleman” which once again has Carson dancing across the stage and Mike wailing on the guitar. What a great start to the evening. Be sure to catch them when they come through a nearby town. They have a bright future based on the crowd’s reaction tonight.

After a short break, the lights go down and the fans cheer wildly as glam rockers The Struts take the stage and jump into “Dirty Sexy Money” from their 2014 release Everybody Wants and follow that with “Body Talks” from their 2018 release YOUNG&DANGEROUS. Both songs have lead singer Luke Spiller dancing and bouncing about the stage and playing up to the crowd. His energy is so high that he is already drenched in sweat early in the set. Bassist Jed Elliott joins drummer Gethin Davies high on a riser as they lay down the tight, driving bottom end that propels their songs. The sound tonight is dialed in with clear delineation between the instruments and lucid vocals.

Following “Fallin’ With Me,” they play a catchy new song “Too Good At Raising Hell,” that finds guitarist Adam Slack jamming and the crowd clapping overhead. “Primadonna Like Me” gets the crowd dancing and bouncing and Luke also leads them in clapping. The Struts have a knack for writing hook-laden songs that make it easy to get a crowd fully engaged. Before “All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go),” Luke says, “First night of the tour. Can’t think of a better place to start than Detroit.” The crowd responds with huge cheers.

Luke takes a seat at the piano and begins playing “One Night Only” which gets the fans waving their arms. Luke remains at the piano and plays a cool, slow version of “Fire” by himself. The rest of the band joins Luke and they run through a medley of “In Love With a Camera,” “Cool,” “Matter of Time,” “Wild Child,” “Can’t Sleep,” and “Somebody New.” 

They play another new song, “Pretty Vicious,” that has a great beat and bass and features Adam ripping it up on guitar in the middle along with some extended jamming at the end. After “Black Swan,” they wind things down with the highly popular “Kiss This” and “Put Your Money On Me.” Luke gets the crowd to squat down low and then on his command, they all start jumping up and down while raising their hands in the air. The fans are having a great time and want more as they cheer loudly while The Struts leave the stage. Returning to the stage, they wrap it up with the “Could Have Been Me” that has the whole crowd singing along, especially during the chorus. It is yet another great evening of rock by The Struts.

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