Noah Kahan at Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium in Athens, OH

Popular New England folk artist Noah Kahan made a stop during his Stick Season Tour for a sold-out show at Ohio University in Athens, OH.

Briscoe, a duo from Austin, TX started the show with songs from their Briscoe EP. The duo is made up of Truett Heintzelman and Philip Lupton who are both students at The University of Texas. While Heintzelman and Lupton claim their music is influenced by artists like Neil Young and The Grateful Dead, you could hear remnants of Tyler Childers within the mix. Briscoe played popular songs “She Burns Away” and “Ain’t No Sunshine.” In addition to singing, and playing the guitar and harmonica, Lupton accompanied “She Burns Away” with a phenomenally executed saxophone solo.

New England’s folk artist Noah Kahan took the stage next to a sold-out theatre, debuting popular hits from his album Stick Season. Kahan is a natural-born storyteller, and his album Stick Season could be described as a love letter to New England. Being a natural storyteller is a gift and it isn’t something that can be bought. Kahan is able to transport listeners into his world in an authentic and relatable way that makes you feel like you’re there with him. Kahan’s authenticity transpires beyond just his album and is exhibited in his live performances. Overall, Kahan’s realness and laid-back nature is something that fans resonated with. Fans can and do identify with his stories on a personal level.

Kahan had a full set of songs from his album including his popular hits “Northern Attitude,” “Stick Season,” “All My Love,” “Orange Juice,” and “Homesick.” Fans did not hold back from singing along with Kahan and the feedback was almost deafening when Kahan played “Stick Season” and “Homesick.”

Kahan’s song “Homesick” is a reflection of how emotions can be conflicting when choosing to stay in a small and transient town after your friends move on. The overall tone that is echoed in this song is one of melancholy with highlights of nostalgia that are felt for his hometown. Athens is a lot like the towns Kahan sings about and fans resonated with the feelings of being from/living in a small town. Fans got exceptionally louder while reciting, “Well, I’m tired of dirt roads, Named after high school friends’ grandfathers” and “I would leave if only I could find a reason, I’m mean because I grew up in New England.” There’s a certain level of pride evoked by being from a small town. Often, where you grow up helps form who you become inherently. Similarly, “Stick Season” incorporates the same tones of melancholy and nostalgia, while also diving into the conflicting feelings of what it’s like living in a small town when people you love essentially leave you behind when they move on from that town.

Noah is about to embark on a UK tour before heading back to the US for another string of dates from May through September. Head over to his website for a full list of tour dates. 

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Website  Facebook  Twitter

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