Memphis May Fire at The Beacham in Orlando, FL

Memphis May Fire- Beacham- Orlando- FL l Photo by Brandi Trombley

Metalcore fans were lined up down the street ready for The Remade in Misery Tour II in Orlando, FL on Saturday night.

Memphis May Fire made their return to The Beacham in Orlando, FL. Central Florida was a midway stop for the tour as they made their way down the east coast. On this tour, they are joined by Norma Jean, Secrets, and SAUL.

SAUL was the first to take the stage and with their metalcore sound, they were a great supporting act for this tour. They started their set with high intensity and sounded like something you would hear on Octane Sirius XM radio. Their short setlist featured songs from their full-length debut Rise As Equals from 2020. A few featured songs in their setlist were “A MILLION MILES,” and “King of Misery.” Before ending their set with “Brother,”  they gave a shout-out to Memphis and their team for taking them out on the road.

Secrets always take the stage by storm and this was no exception. The venue was packed from the floor to the balcony. The post-hardcore band formed in 2010 and has been able to come out with six full-length albums to create a large discography in the last 13 years. The sea of people was ecstatic when the band played “The Collapse” and “Parasite,” along with some older songs from 2012 and 2014. If you didn’t see them on this tour, the band is set to continue on to their own tour, The Collapse Tour Phase 2.  

The American metal-core band Norma Jean was a hugely anticipated band of the night.  This act has been around since 1997 and their fans have followed along for the ride. The crowd erupted into chants and screams as the light went up. Norma Jean played songs from their impressive discography, it’s nothing short of that due to their 23 almost 24 years as a band. The set was filled with powerful vocals and high energy which you could see by the circle pits that were never-ending throughout each song.

Finally, it was time for the main event Memphis May Fire. Memphis May Fire comes through The Beacham pretty often so it’s no surprise that the crowd was packed full of friends, family, and people who have been long-time Memphis fans. With their strong catalog of music, they were able to pick a fun setlist that old and new fans could scream along to. The set started out strong with high intense energy with a small hiccup as the venue lost some power about three songs in. However, Matty Mullins (vocalist) was able to talk to the crowd and make a joke about how they’d used too much electricity for the city of Orlando. Within a few minutes, the professionals at The Beacham were able to get the show back up and running like nothing happened.

The guys were unphased by the setback and started up their set again with Matty asking if there were any armed services or people who have served in the venue and dedicated the song “Miles Away” to every one of them. Some other songs of the night were “Blood & Water,” “The American Dream,” “Vices,” and “The Sinner.” As always, Memphis May Fire came to Orlando and didn’t disappoint the eager crowd. You could hear people wishing the show didn’t end so fast when walking out of The Beacham. 

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