The Devil Wears Prada at Vinyl in Las Vegas, NV

The Devil Wears Prada brings The Act Tour to Las Vegas with support from Norma Jean and Gideon ensuring a night of heavy music. 

Vinyl is a small club located in the Hard Rock Casino and it has been announced that once the hotel closes for renovations, this club will not return. This is disappointing to the fans of heavy music since this club has been a mainstay in that genre since opening, but they are determined to go out on a high note with a lineup like tonight. 

The Devil Wears Prada returns to Vinyl to give the fans the performance they want but before them, there are two other bands. The room is packed from the very beginning showing how much people like these bands.

Up first is Gideon, a heavy metal band hailing from Alabama who just two weeks earlier released their latest album Out of Control. They take the stage and immediately there is a hardcore sound to them similar to that of Hatebreed. Vocalist Daniel McWhorter prowls the stage and gets right up close with the audience which is one of the things that is most loved about this venue. Their new sound is heavier and you can definitely see and hear the metalcore influence in their music. They match this music with an intense performance that the crowd loves and they are already moshing to. While they are probably the band on this lineup that was the most unknown to the crowd, they surely gained some fans with this performance.

The metalcore continues with Norma Jean. This band has been on the scene for many years and played all of the festivals so it is not surprising to see the number of fans in attendance tonight and it is also not surprising to see the moshing intensify along with the appearance of the wheelchair crowd-surfer who is at most of the heavy shows in Las Vegas. Vocalist Cory Brandon delivers the classic metalcore vocal as they move through their set that includes “The End of All Things Will Be Televised,” “Sword in Mouth, Fire Eyes,” “Blueprints for Future Homes” and “Deathbed Atheist.” This is an exciting set and it is made more exciting due to the fact that Norma Jean’s new album All Hail is being released at midnight tonight. That is another thing that makes this tour unique – all three bands have just released new music within the past two weeks which the fans love.

It is finally time for The Devil Wears Prada. They have played this venue before so it is no surprise to see the crowd here tonight. This Christian metalcore band also has a long history and has played on some of the biggest tours and festivals around and when you see their performance you understand why. Vocalist Mike Hranica is intense in his performance and he is on the very edge of the stage leaning toward the crowd. Jeremy DePoyster on guitar also sings large parts of songs and this blending of the two vocals helps create the band’s sound. This small stage can barely contain them and the band’s performance makes you feel like the venue is larger than it is.  

The set opens with “Switchblade,” “Danger: Wildman” and “Worldwide.” The strobes flash and Hranica seems to step up his intensity if that is possible. The set is long, sixteen-songs including “Dead Throne,” “Gloom,” “Daughter” and “Anatomy.”  Their new album for which the tour is named The Act also just came out about two weeks ago and the fans are loving this performance that blends the new album with their entire catalog. There is a one-song encore “Hey John, What’s Your Name Again” and it wraps up the set well. Neither the band nor the fans have slowed down for all seventeen songs.

All three bands put on high energy performance and perfectly showcases who they are and what their new music is. It is easy to see their popularity and this tour was a perfect way for fans of metalcore to bid farewell to one of their favorite small venues in town.

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