The Devil Wears Prada at Vinyl in Las Vegas, NV

The Devil Wears Prada bring their With Roots Above and Branches Below tour to Las Vegas with support from Fit for a King and 68.

Often at times, it is hard to believe a band has been around as long as they have and that is definitely the case with The Devil Wears Prada, in a good way.  They are celebrating the tenth anniversary of With Roots Above and Branches Below and while this wasn’t their first album it is certainly one of their definitive pieces.  They played Las Vegas last year in a supporting slot, but the fans are packing this small venue tonight for a chance to see them headline.  68 kick off the night.  This two-piece band are definitely different then you would expect at this type of show, but they deliver an interesting and energetic set.  Drummer Niko Yamada is fascinating to watch and singer/guitarist Josh Scogin leaps around the dim stage creating excitement in the crowd.  Their unique sound may not be for everyone but it is well received with the early crowd.

Fit for a King is up next and this metal band is more what you would expect for this show.  The stage is blanketed in smoke as they run and kick around the stage.  Hailing from Dallas Texas, this Christian Metalcore band is right in line with The Devil Wears Prada’s fan base.  They deliver a heavy and aggressive set that seems to fly by.  It is loud and fast and intense and that feeling is matched by each of the members’ performances.  The dark stage adds to the atmosphere and all too soon their set is done, but they definitely earned some new fans tonight with this performance. 

The Devil Wears Prada has been a staple on metal tours and festivals for years, but it is good to see them taking the lead with a headlining tour.  The band take to the stage, and straight away singer Mike Hranica commands everyone’s attention. He is one of the most intense singers of this genre.  One of the appeals of this venue is how close it allows the fans to get to the stage and Hranica makes that even closer by lunging and leaning into the crowd.  The rest of the band move from side to side interacting with the fans coming in and out of the light and smoke.  They open with a Julien Baker cover “Sour Breath” then move into “To the Key of Evergreen” and “Born to Lose.”  The energy is building in the room and the fans start to mosh.  There is never a lot of banter with the crowd from this band and tonight is no different.  They prefer to speak with their music.  The sixteen song set includes “Planet A,” “Worldwide,” “Gimmie Half” and “Louder Than Thunder.”  The band doesn’t let up for the entire set and neither does the crowd before ending with the encore “Mammoth.”

A lot of people don’t know what to expect from Christian Metalcore, but unless you know that fact about them you would never realize the Christian element of it.  They are a solid Metalcore band that always goes all out and delivers a set that doesn’t disappoint and tonight is no different.  Give these bands a chance, it is a fast, loud and intense performance.  Overall the night is a huge success with the fans leaving happy and perhaps a fan of a new band they were unaware of before.

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