Ghost at The Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Fl

A Pale Tour Named Death came to The Florida Theatre and brought along the perfect mix of songs, stage show, and comedy.

It was a stormy night in the heart of downtown Jacksonville as fellow Ghouls and Ghoulettes gathered for that evening’s ritual at the Florida theatre. People were there for one reason and one reason only – Ghost and the almighty Cardinal Copia were preparing to hit the stage and give Jacksonville a little taste of the dark side. This was, by far, one of the best rituals that could be seen by the human eye. A Pale Tour Named Death was a delicate, well-produced, and time was taken in preparing this tour for all those in attendance.

From beginning to end, this show was memorizing. The Florida Theatre has amazing acoustics and that just added to the show that Ghost brought to the table. Starting off with a very well built up instrumental intro that is also the first track to their latest album Prequelle and from that point, the fans were in for a good time. They followed with the single “Rats” and the crowd just went nuts. Ghost did more than enough for their fans. The show was approximately two and a half hours with a small intermission in-between. Every fan at that show knows that Ghost can provide a superb show musically, but there are so many other notable things. For one, the lighting was perfect for the venue because it added shadows of some of the members on the wall which added to the style that Ghost presents and lit up the theatre with perfect harmony. There were also comedic elements throughout the show, adding something different to the performance. The Cardinal gave us a little insight to himself and his bandmates while showing us his moves. There were elements all over the place and Ghost were able to take every one of them and bring out in the best way possible.

The setlist brought a great array of songs and was definitely a crowd-pleaser. The band went through their entire catalog and picked the fan favorites and the best songs to sing along to, performing songs from Opus Eponymous all the way to the most recent album Prequelle. As stated before the show was a very good length as well and no one in the theatre was tired because the Cardinal and the Ghouls kept the energy flowing with laughter and just overall good vibes. There was a perfect balance to between playing the ballads and coming in with the heavy, which made the set unpredictable and fun. That is one of the things that stand out about Ghost’s live shows and their music. They change things up to keep it fresh and new, and this as clearly evident here. 

Overall everything about the show was well worth it. The venue was perfect and it felt like Ghost and the venue meshed so well. The fans were absolutely electric, singing every word and cheering so the whole city of Jacksonville could hear them. The set combined all of Ghost’s best material and brought the energy from the albums out into a more theatrical show with amazing music. Ghost are a band that everyone should check out if they come around. Between the comedy, music, and theatrics, no fan will walk away feeling anything but electricity.

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