Tai Verdes at Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, TN

TikTok viral sensation and California singer-songwriter Tai Verdes brings his fall tour to Music City, performing songs from his second studio album HDTV.

Two years ago, only a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Tai Verdes was working his 9 to 5 job at a Los Angeles Verizon Wireless store. Today, he’s on tour performing songs from his second studio album HDTV, which succeeds his debut album TV.

Before his rise to fame, Verdes posted a series of TikTok videos with his breakout single “Stuck in the Middle.” That resulted in the song hitting #1 on Spotify’s US viral chart and has since amassed more than 114 million streams and over 3.3 million TikTok posts. After releasing several more singles, among them is the viral song “A-O-K,” he released his debut album TV in May 2021.

After releasing his latest album HDTV on September 16th of this year, Tai Verdes wasted no time before getting on the road. The first date of the tour was four days later on the 20th in Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island. Nashville, TN was his fifth stop on the tour. 

As the lights dimmed, the venue was filled with screams. The band walked on stage, and the screams intensified as Tai slowly followed. He began his set with “Trix in the Bag,” a groovy song built on clean guitar and bass and a simple head-rocking drum beat, and transitioned into “Kingdom Come,” the album’s first song.

Verdes’ music is generally upbeat and has a feel-good vibe to it. “Let’s Go To Hell” and “Shut Up” fully embody that. His performance was mesmerizing and entertaining because he was so interactive with the audience. He really wanted to hear them sing along and they did not disappoint, even though the album has only been out for two weeks. He followed with “FEELING THIS BAD NEVER FELT SO GREAT,” “Solamente,” and “rEaL WOrLD,” a few fan favorites from his debut album.

At the midpoint of the set, Verdes performed the song that started it all, “Stuck in the Middle.” The audience continued to sing along as they performed “How Deep,” which ended in a short electric guitar solo.

He continued with the upbeat track “Two Sugars” which ended in an electrifying guitar solo, followed by an insane drum solo. The last song they performed was  “DRUGS,” one of his more catchy songs. Verdes followed with “She Luv Me,” then moved down to the middle of the floor to ask a girl in the audience, “Doesn’t this guitar sound so good?” The crowd screamed as they began to play “A-O-K” and the audience sang every word.

After leaving the stage, the crowd band together, screaming “one more song!” They returned to perform “I Deserve 2 B Alone” and “Last Day On Earth.”

Tai Verdes is definitely a must-see artist and still has plenty of dates left on this tour so make sure to check if he’s visiting your city. HDTV is available on all streaming platforms.

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