Machine Head at Webster Hall in New York City, NY

Machine Head came to Webster Hall, introducing a new member, smashing solos, sharing stories and pulling off the most memorable night fans will never forget. 

Machine Head is a well-oiled machine primed without any rust. True thrash metal legends that know how to put on a real live show. So much so, they did not need an opening act. The 25th Anniversary tour for the band’s debut album Burn My Eyes hits New York City at Webster Hall. The show consists of two full sets: set one features frontman Robb Flynn and bassist Jared MacEachern performing alongside Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka and British drummer Matt Alston; showcasing music from throughout their long careers. Part two features Burn My Eyes played in order entirely with original drummer Chris Kontos and guitarist Logan Mader. 

With each passing moment, Webster Hall filled up like it was the only place on earth up to the rails where fans chanted in anticipation “Machine F**king Head.” As the spotlight raised, the band appeared on stage ready to take New York by storm. They kicked off the show with the song “Imperium,” and the fans went wild. Immediately, the headbanging began, horns where placed in the air, and everyone started to sing along. It was the most beautiful moment, and without a breather, “Take My Scars” was next. As the band began to kick things up, Flynn took a pause and asked everyone in the audience to form a circular pit, and willingly everyone is the audience oblige him. Machine Head welcomed Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka to the band as their new Polish guitarist who had a moment to himself on stage, and at that moment, he delivered the most incredible jaw-dropping solo. 

Robb Flynn returned to the stage with an acoustic guitar and had a little moment with the audience. Sharing the story of how they were banned from Disney properties because of anti-war content in some of their songs. He passionately exclaimed, “You don’t stay in the music industry for 25 years because you love it; you do it because you love music.” Immediately after the last guitar strum, the lights went dim, and the band launched right into “The Darkness Within.” As the song went by, the music started to fade as the audience took over the “Ooooh-Ooooh” part, it carried on. Flynn stood on stage looking out at Machine Head fans with the most heartfelt delighted look on his face as he raised both his hands in the air in appraisal to his fans. The band then dug back into their 2007 album, The Blackening, and played their version of the Iron Maiden hit song “Hallowed by Thy Name.” The last song of the first set was “Halo,” which ended with a parade of white confetti shooting into the air and CO2 cannons blasting off! A spectacular first set and moment. 

After a ten minute intermission, the band returned to stage but with different band members. They brought back drummer Chris Kontos and guitarist Logan Mader, the original musicians that recorded Burn My Eyes. They kicked off with “Davidian,” with all the original musicians with the exception of bassist Jared MacEachern. It was a full house chorus style as the Machine Head fans screamed at the top of their lungs when they got to the anthemic lyric, “Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast.”

Midway through, Chris Kontos took the stage and delivered the most thrilling drum solo. During the night, Machine Head threw out a surprise to everyone. Instead of “Block,” the audience realized they were playing the Metallica song, “Sanitarium,” which they continued into “Creeping Death,” “Loss for Words” and finally Slayer’s “South of Heaven.” What an incredible moment that sprung life into the audience. The show concluded with “Block,” the last song of Burn My Eyes.

With over three hours of music played to absolute perfection by Machine Head, extremely satisfied fans filed out of Webster Hall chanting “Machine F**king Head” and it was definitely a night that will be remembered. Until next time!