Sleeping With Sirens at Upstate Concert in Clifton Park, NY

The Medicine Tour with Sleeping With Sirens, Set It Off, Belmont and Point North – how could pop-punk fans not go to these shows.  

The people flooded into Upstate Concert Hall, Albany at 6pm as doors opened. The first band of the night was Point North,  a band that originated out of California. Jon Lundin was in great spirits as he took the stage. The addition of Niles Gibbs, formerly of the band Broadside, with his electric energy, was such a nice surprise to the tour. The song “Hammer” was the first song to set the mood for the show. Jon joined the crowd against the barriers and held the mic out as the crowd yelled at the top of their lungs. They ended the set with their most well-known song “Gasoline,” which is on every Spotify playlist for pop-punk, punk, and rock listeners.  

Belmont was up next and let’s just say they don’t disappoint when they play a gig. They come out ready to give you a real concert experience. Belmont gave such high energy and started with the newest song, “By My Side,” leading into some of the bigger hits “Hollowed Out” and “731.” Taz kept his enthusiasm up and the crowd was pumped and ready to go hard for the last song of their set “Overstepping.” Belmont ended the set on a high note, so Set It Off could take the stage by storm.

Set It Off took the stage with the song “Lonely Dance.” As it ended, Cody Carson said, “Be happy being yourself and don’t let anyone tell you different,” which led them into “No Disrespect.” As the high energy continued, Cody joined the pit and continued to sing along with some of the fans. Next up, they played a few more songs from the album After Midnight, “Killer In The Mirror,” “Midnight Thoughts,” and “Catch Me If You Can.” Cody, Zach, and Maxx started to exit the stage as the pit started chanting “one more song,” so as the crowd pleasers they are, they did just that. Cody hyped up the crowd with a final song “Dancing With The Devil,” one of the most sprightly songs from the latest album released in 2019. 

With no introduction needed, Sleeping With Sirens captivated the audience, with the crowd-surfing and circle pits starting as Kellin Quinn belted out “Leave It All Behind.” “Never Enough,” “Tally Up The Score,” and “Better Off Dead,” some of the band’s favorites, were up next. As Kellin was performing, he made sure to stop and talk for a couple of minutes about how important mental health is and telling people they are not alone no matter how lost they feel, so it’s only appropriate that they played “How It Feels To Be Lost” next. Following that was the biggest staple in the band’s career, “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn” from 2010. To slow down the night a little bit, Kellin Quinn and Jack Fowler played an acoustic version of “With Ears To See, And Eyes To Hear,” as people held up their phones to light up the pit. From the How It Feels To Be Lost album “Medicine,” “Agree To Disagree,” and ” Break Me Down” were some of the final songs of the night. As the energy slowed down after the band walked off stage, they gave an encore with the song “Kick Me” to end the night. The Medicine Tour on February 4th was a show to remember. Sleeping with sirens, Belmont, Point north, and Set it off  rocked the stage. 

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