Barishi at St Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY

Barishi hypnotized their fans at Brooklyn’s St Vitus Bar with their unrelenting heavy progressive-like metal sound that offers a fresh take on the genre.Currently on a nationwide tour with the support of Ether Coven and WVRM and featuring Zombie Apocalypse for a limited East Coast run, the guys from Barishi have been leaving their fans mesmerized after their sets and asking for more. Prior to Barishi taking over St. Vitus’ stage, the fast-paced metalcore/thrashcore act, Zombie Apocalypse, worked up the crowd into a frenzied-like state. The front row quickly became the safe zone for all those who were going to be moshing and thrashing to the hits of the New York locals. Throughout their set, the band easily kept switching between high octane jumping all over the stage and in your face vocalization to cracking jokes about one another like it was nothing.  

Following them were death metal grindcore outfit WVRM. Hailing from South Carolina, WVRM ripped into their performance right off the bat. The guitar riffs, drumming, and vocals hit with such intense voracity that it left very little room to focus on anything other than them. Despite being difficult to see, the band made up for it with a powerful set that impacted the auditory sense.

Ether Coven slowed down the pace somewhat in comparison to the previous acts, but they did not let up on the heaviness in the slightest. They brought to the mix some Floridian doom metal which further amped the already eager crowd. Their music permeated the walls with the deep bass riffs that were accompanied by vocalization that was just as hard-hitting.   

Unlike many other heavy metal bands, Vermont’s Barishi brings a refreshing sound to the possibly overdone genre. The band consists of members singer/guitarist Graham Brooks, bassist Jon Kelley, and drummer Dylan Blake. The three musicians have been melding together deep growling vocals and powerful riffs with a slower tempo (that gives prog-rock its alluring sound) and have made a style all of their own. Throughout their musical career, which spans ten years, Barishi have released two albums and an EP. Self-titled Barishi debuted in 2013, was followed up by their EP Endless Howl. Through Season of the Mist, Blood from the Lion’s Mouth was the band’s label debut and very well received in the metal scene at the time of its debut in 2016. 

During their performance, the band wasted no time and threw every bit of passion at their gig. It was an immersive experience as each song built up the energy and intensity. Brooks belted out the gravelly lyrics while never losing control of the intricacies of his guitar riffs. Blake delivers the pulse-like rhythm of the drums with unwavering precision and energy. Bassist Kelley, is meticulous in his performance and keeps the heaviness of the bass on a smooth and seamless flow. It is obvious that this band has found their niche and have mastered their style. At the end of the set, fans were left in the post-concert glow; happy that it happened but ultimately heartbroken because it was over. 

Barishi continues their tour throughout the United States until early February. If you’re curious about prog-metal, let Barishi be the band to break you into the genre, they’re doing it right.


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