All Time Low at The House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV

All Time Low bring the Summer Ever After Tour to Las Vegas with Gnash, inviting everyone to their ultimate summer party.

Dashboard Confessional had to pull out of the Summer Ever After tour due to a family emergency but All Time Low and Gnash are finishing out the tour and they make a stop in Las Vegas.  From the crowd in attendance it is clear this tour is appropriately named, as the fans are holding onto the last bit of their summer and that free party atmosphere which is definitely contagious.  The crowd is determined to have a good night.

Gnash takes the stage and begin their set.  Their songs have an overall fun vibe to them.  They open with “I Hate U, I Love U” and the crowd is singing along to all of it.  The set, while fun and keeps the crowd singing along, is a bit choppy at times.  The singer spends a lot of time having conversations with the crowd which the fans like but the others who are new to the band and just want to hear the songs seem to find this a bit much.  The set continues with other songs that the crowd know and sing along to including “Dear Insecurity” and “The Broken Hearts Club.”  There are some technical difficulties about three songs before the end of the set so they continue on acoustically with no microphone.  While this is appreciated by the fans in the front in a hall this size it is lost on the people in the back who just see someone on stage and have a silent room which is a disappointing end to their set. 

Shortly after 8:00 All Time Low take the stage and the crowd is excited.  They open with “Dammed If I Do Ya (Dammed If I Don’t) and the mood of the show is set right there.  The crowd is all in for this party.  At the end of this song the confetti cannons shower the crowd as “Everything is Fine” starts.  There is so much confetti it is hard to see the band for a moment, but that does not stop this crowd.  At this point, underwear starts to be thrown on the stage and Jack Barakat and Zack Merrick adorn their microphone stands with the gifted items.  The set continues with “Backseat Serenade,” “Life of the Party” and “The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver.”  The band are doing everything to continue this party feel to the show and they are succeeding.  At one point they have the girls in the crowd get on the shoulders of the men in the audience much to the annoyance of the security and at another point giant illuminated beach balls are bounced through the crowd.  Everyone is having a great time.

After a fifteen song set it is time for the encore.  All Time Low isn’t going to give you just one or two songs here, instead they perform four.  The band are still full of energy interacting with the crows and singer Alex Gaskarth still delivers a solid vocal as he roams the stage.  The entire set has not slowed down all night and it is not going to until the last note is played.  The fans definitely appreciate this.  

While summer sticks around a little longer in Las Vegas the Summer Ever After tour reminded the fans about the best parts of summer and left them wishing for those relaxing lazy days, but at the same time glad they were able to get one last taste of summer before fall sets in.

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