September Mourning at Vampd in Las Vegas

September Mourning make a stop in Las Vegas with support from Charcoal Tongue and Kaleido.

This tour is a unique tour for this venue so it was one that many were definitely interested in.  Thursday nights in Vegas can be tough but this free show is offering a good option for music.  Not only is it a unique lineup but there are three bands for this small intimate venue.

Charcoal Tongue hits the stage shortly before 9 PM and they play an impressive energy-filled set.  This was the band that most people were unfamiliar with, but they certainly gained a few new fans tonight.  The music is fast and aggressive and exciting.  After they hang out with the fans which is one of the reasons the locals like this venue.

Up next is Kaleido. This Detroit-based female-fronted hard-rock band deliver an explosive set from the first moment they take the stage.  They play approximately three to four songs that are known and then the rest of their set is never before heard music.  Despite these songs being unknown to the crowd they stay with the band for the entire set.  The songs all seem to have empowering messages like standing up for yourself and being true to yourself.  These are themes that are common through this genre, but that is because they resonate with the fans.  This four-piece is leaping all over the small stage which can barely contain them.  The high energy and the fast songs with their strong messages really gets the crowd going.

Now it is time for September Mourning.  The stage is dark and a large video screen in the back begins to play an animated story and the band walks calmly onto the stage wearing hooded black capes.  The video finishes and the capes come off, the band is dressed all in black with black body paint while September Mourning herself is all in her signature white outfit and makeup.  In contrast they are not a high energy band, but the crowd is mesmerized with the visual.  The music is delivered flawlessly and the crowd watches every moment.  After the second song they explain that this is not only a concert but they are taking us on a visual journey and the next part of the animation plays.  The set continues like that for the hour, songs intermixed with the videos as various intervals. 

Despite a smaller than expected crowd these bands delivered an impressive show to the fans.  The people in attendance are hoping to see more shows like this at this venue and this was a great way to kick that off.

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