Suzanne Santo Releases Single with Gary Clark Jr.

Suzanne Santo’s new single, “Fall For That,” which features Gary Clark Jr. is out today, and you can listen to it here.

Earlier this year, we chatted with Suzanne Santo about her upcoming album, the release of which has been delayed due to COVID-19. At the time, Suzanne had just debuted “Fall For That” on Joe Rogan’s podcast and we are very excited that it has now been released to bridge the gap while we await the new album. 

“This tune comes from a deep need to find and understand the truth in the chaotic world around us and to represent myself from an honest place of my own volition. Often I feel clotheslined by the thoughts and agendas of others/the media and feel confused by what beliefs and thoughts are accurately my own.” 
The new tune is a message to herself, as well as the listener, delivered by a woman who has seen enough fear and determination to know which side wins in the end. It was recorded with the Grammy-winning producer/engineer John Spiker (Beck, Steve Earle), and Gary Clark Jr. delivering the epic guitar solo. You can listen to it now right here:

“Fall For That” is available to stream or purchase here.

Tonight, Suzanne will be live streaming a show from the Hotel Cafe in LA at 6pm PST. You can purchase your tickets for the performance here

If you want to read more about what Suzanne has been up to this year and where she’s up to with the new album, check out our interview with her here.

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