The Funeral Corridor by Recorruptor

The Funeral Corridor by Recorruptor

The Funeral Corridor by Recorruptor is death incarnate. Slathering jaws of metal rip out your throat like the beast from Alien, leaving you writhing for more.

Extreme death metal is an acquired taste. The relentless brutality of the music can become saturating stimuli setting the adrenal glands on fire. Many times, in a quest for the sheer magnitude of viciousness, a death metal band can lose their point. Drifting into an infinite wall of chaos.

On their sophomore release called The Funeral Corridor, Recorruptor finds the mark with menacing technical death metal that invigorates the senses without drilling you into unconsciousness. Recorruptor is Josh Moore (drums), Clint A. Franklin (vocals), Dustin Cook (guitar), Alex Schmidt (bass), and Seth Earl (guitar).

The album begins with the title track. An eerie prequel sets the stage for the coming onslaught of horror. A blistering scream signals pure death. You can feel the chaos of the void tearing at your soul.

Two things become immediately apparent within a couple of minutes of listening to The Funeral Corridor. First off, the musicians in Recorruptor are incredibly skilled. Secondly, while the music on The Funeral Corridor is extreme. It exhibits a variety of stylistic features to create a unique sound.

Regarding the unequivocal masterful performances on the album, start with the furiously precise drumming of Josh Moore. Playing at nearly inhuman speeds, he keeps the band locked in while blasting into a new dimension of space and time. For some of the finest drums on the record, check out “Souls of Limbo.”

The guitar riffs created by Dustin Cook, Seth Earl, and Alex Schmidt are diabolical and insane. Delve into the psychotropic seizure-inducing single note flurry at about the 1:54 mark in “Tormented Egress.” When you get to the end of the song, see if you aren’t freaked out with your mouth agape.

One drawback in the mixing of The Funeral Corridor is that it can be hard to pick out the hammering bass of Alex Schmidt. You get glimpses, but it would be nice if there was a bit more space to let the bass breathe. However, you can get a taste for his impressive playing on “Bestow Upon Me Pure Death” and “Forever in Exile Of Darkness.”

Part of the terrifying and transfixing effect of the music on The Funeral Corridor is the vocals of Clint A. Franklin. He uses every extreme metal vocal tool to perfection. Hellish black metal screams, monstrous pig squeals, and vomiting guttural purges are used to create tension and induce fear. The effect is maximum brutality that is also awe-inspiring. While Clint’s vocals are terrific on each track, check out the suffocating rage on “Moribund.”

As mentioned earlier, the second standout feature of the music crafted by Recorruptor on this album is the blend of extreme styles to create their unique sound. You can hear how the band has honed their influences into their own savage mixture.

The song “Moribund” displays a sinister black metal hinting at Behemoth. Frantic guitars matched with suicidal bass and drums harkens to the extreme death of Cattle Decapitation and Aborted. While “Souls of Limbo” and “Watchful Eyes in the Temple of Aspiration” include a nod to old school technical death of Suffocation and Malevolent Creation.

The Funeral Corridor by Recorruptor is a ruthless and maniacal death metal album. In an extreme musical landscape boiling with talented bands, Recorruptor rises to the top. Get this album and prepare for a horrifying and invigorating experience.

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