UPSAHL at Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN

UPSAHL @ Cannery Ballroom, Nashville | Photo by Zach Birdsong

UPSAHL has all the makings to become music’s newest superstar, and she proved all of that and more at Cannery Ballroom. 

From the second she walked on stage, the 22-year-old commanded the crowd like a veteran rock star. UPSAHL was nothing short of a ball of energy during her 45-minute performance, and that energy was contagious as fans voiced their approval through the course of her set. 

The few moments that she remained motionless were due to the fact that she was playing an instrument while also singing. During her set, she was able to showcase both her bass and guitar skills. Performance-wise, it’s easy to see why fans would gravitate toward UPSAHL. However, her studio work is what could lead her to become a powerhouse in music. 

In October, UPSAHL released her first LP, Lady Jesus, which found instant success, even being heralded by some celebrities on social media. Instrumentally, the album is quite solid, as each track has its own unique personality. Lyrically is where UPSAHL peaks, as throughout the record, she offers real and raw thoughts as she is unafraid to share her opinion. To quote author Mark Manson, UPSAHL seems to have mastered “the subtle art of not giving a f***.”

As she stated to the Nashville crowd, UPSAHL started writing her first album shortly after a significant breakup. The heartfelt lyrics come through on the record, but as she mentioned, the Tennessee capital will always be symbolic to her due to a breakthrough revelation that she had during a recent trip to the city. “Nashville is special to me because when I was here last time, I realized that I was over that piece of sh**.” The crowd, which consisted of primarily college-aged women, cheered wildly for that statement. 

Most of UPSAHL’s set centered around tracks from her debut album, including her second-to-last song, “Lunatic.” During the performance, she asked the crowd to go crazy, just like the track’s title. While there wasn’t complete lunacy occurring, the fans did bounce and jump out of excitement with the singer. 

She ended the night by getting up close and personal with some of those fans as she played her hit song “Drugs.” The tune was initially featured on an EP in 2019, and a year later, she collaborated with genre-bending artist blackbear on the track. UPSAHL hopped off the stage during her final song and leaned over the barricade, giving the fans in the first few rows an intimate performance. As her lyrics concluded, she thanked and waved to the Nashville crowd before heading backstage. 

Currently, UPSAHL is opening for Olivia O’Brien on the Olivia O’Brien Show Tour. The complete list of upcoming tour dates for UPSAHL can be found on her website. 

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Website  Facebook  Twitter

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