Ice Nine Kills at The Senate in Columbia, SC

Ice Nine Kills perfectly combined their love of music and horror in a show like no other at The Senate in Columbia, SC.  

The night started when Fame on Fire, the hard rock band from Palm Beach, Florida took the stage. Lead vocalist Bryan Kuznitz brought the energy, officially getting the crowd and the show started.  

The band played a quick 15-minute set featuring both originals from their single studio album, Levels, and two covers, “Numb” by Linkin Park and ending their set with “XO Tour Llif3” by Lil Uzi Vert. The crowd was filled with energy and anticipation for the bands to come.

The heavy metal band from Fairfield Connecticut, Currentswas able to bring the high-energy crowd to new levels. The band began their portion of the evening by launching straight into their 2018 hit, Into Despair. With the pits opening uplead vocalist Brian Willie and bassist Christian Pulgarin used their fantastic stage presence to deliver the energy and get the audience prepared for the sets to come.  

After a quick 20-minute set change, the night continued with the third band, Bad Omens. The metalcore band founded in 2015 has seen great success with their two studio albums released in 2016 and 2019, respectively. Frontman Noah Sebastian demonstrated his impressive vocal range as well as ground shaking high and low screams.

Opting for no front lighting during their set, the band was able to create a unique atmosphere that perfectly matched the ghostly feelings created by their music. The band opened with their newest 2021 single “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND,” a new single from their anticipated 2022 album by the same name. 

Fresh off the release of their sixth studio album, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To HorrorwoodIce Nine Kills has a unique way of bringing the music to life. With masks, costumes, and props, the show is just as exciting to watch as it is to hear.  

The band took the stage with matching masks and suits, launching right into their first song, “Welcome to Horrorwood” from their newest album. Taking very little time between songs and rarely addressing the crowd, Ice Nine Kills 70-minute set was nonstop music.

The production and ambiance created during the set show the band’s dedication to their craft. Their set certainly showed how much the band values the experience of a live show as a whole and is an experience like no other for both metalcore and horror fans. Everything from the eerie and dissonant piano music playing as they prepared the stage, to the array of props used by frontman Spencer Charnas contributed to this production.  

Ice Nine Kills’ latest three albums are unique because each song is strongly based on a particular horror movie or tragic story. The band made these songs come to life with a variety of props and costumes. These included a chainsaw during “Savages” (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), a kitchen knife during “Stabbing in the Dark” (Psycho), and even the iconic knifed glove during “The American Nightmare,” made famous by A Nightmare on Elm Street.  

With four bands on the stage, this was a night that won’t be forgotten. The crowd loved the energy brought by each individual band, and went crazy for the atmosphere created by the headliner Ice Nine Kills. The band left the stage and chants of “One more song!” quickly spread through the crowd. Treating the crowd to two encores, “Farewell II Flesh” and “IT Is The End”, the band dismissed the crowd with one final “Goodnight!” from Spencer Charnas.  

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