Sum 41 and Simple Plan at House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC

Iconic pop-punk bands Sum 41 and Simple Plan brought a show filled with nostalgia and fun to a sold-out audience in Myrtle Beach. 

To kick off the evening, Set It Off took the stage. The high-energy pop-punk band did a perfect job of energizing the sold-out audience. Every member of the band had visible fun being able to perform, it was impossible not to smile during the duration of their set. From their brightly colored hair and clothes to bassist Zach Dewall’s bunny mask, these guys brought energy to every aspect of their performance. 

Next to the stage was Sum 41. The legendary pop-punk band played hits from their 2001 album All Killer, No Filler, celebrating the 21-year anniversary. Formed in 1996, this band has shown no signs of slowing down in their 26 years of music. Both the stage and audience energy were through the roof during their impressive set.  

The band did not lose pace once throughout their set, even with a quarter-century of concerts behind them. They still displayed a great stage presence, filled with jumping, shouting, and plenty of crowd interaction. 

The band ended with their hit “Fat Lip”, and fans went absolutely crazy. The mosh pits and crowd surfing reached their peaks so far, with many fans screaming along at the top of their lungs. This song perfectly captures the early 2000’s angst that fueled the pop-punk movement. 

Finally, the crowd went crazy when Simple Plan took the stage. The iconic band was formed in 1999, and their 23 years of music hit a nostalgic chord with the audience. With the first few notes, longtime fans were instantly transported back to their teenage years, in the golden ages of pop-punk.  

To further enhance the nostalgia, Simple Plan also treated the audience to an iconic song that is not widely known for being one of theirs. The song is “What’s New, Scooby-Doo,” the theme song from the TV show that helped form many of the fan’s childhoods. Seeing this performed live was a special moment for fans, screaming at the top of their lungs with looks of sheer joy on their faces.  

In a stunt that got the audience riled up, drummer Chuck Comeau left his set during the hit song “I’m Just A Kid” and came to center stage. He grabbed the mic and stated how much he missed crowd surfing. Lead singer Pierre Bouvier took his place on the drums and Set It Off lead singer Cody Carson took the mic. Comeau then suited up in a hazmat suit and mask (because safety) and leaped into the crowd. The crowd went crazy passing around Comeau and several fans joined him for the ride.  

All-in-all, this night was amazing for the wide range of audience members. The legendary status of these bands did not go unnoticed by the audience. It was a night of fun as fans both old and new gathered. 

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