Third Eye Blind at The Sound Board Theater in Detroit, MI

Straight from sunny San Francisco, Third Eye Blind made a stop in the chilly Motor City to serve a seasoned slice of semi-charmed kind of life.

The Motor City Casino is home to a unique cozy venue, The Sound Board Theater.  A not too big, and not too small amphitheater with a massive stage that delivers a big show in an intimate atmosphere.  Sunday night brought concert goers from across the state, quickly packing the venue well before performance time, and placing the event into “Sold-Out” status.  Fans came to see the latest incarnate of the power-punk, pop-adelic musical phenom known as Third Eye Blind.  Lead tonight by original frontman Stephan Jenkins, and the next senior member,  twenty-year drummer Brad Hargreaves, they brought with them the music of nearly three decades, five studio albums and countless chart-topping hits.  3EB, currently a five-piece line-up now, have a full-time keyboard and pianist, Alex Kopp, along with bassist Alex LeCavalier and veteran guitarist Kryz Reid on lead and backing vocals.  With much anticipation, the diverse crowd of the Sound Board awaits the stroke of 9, to cash in on their golden ticket experience.  

9:00pm strikes and house music shifts to an eerie, ambient keyboard rumbling.  Stage lights glow a dark ambient blue as a mysterious haze creeps across the massive stage.  Seconds later, phantom-like silhouettes glide across the stage and take position before the onlooking crowd.  House lights ignite, and standing before the horde is ringmaster Stephan Jenkins.  He extends arms of gratitude while soaking up the energy of the Motor City’s roaring pit of fandom.  Jenkins greets Detroit as Reid seizes the moment to launch the catchy guitar riff that fans instantly recognize as “Graduate.”  The night is underway and fans immediately begin dancing along with the infectious groove resembling a syncopated aerobics class at your local health club.  

The band smoothly transitions into “Faster,” pumping fans up with “Wounded,” and then knock it home with the hit “Never Let You Go.” Guitarist Reid gives a few rockstar, kung-fu kicks to the beat of the song while Hargeaves and LeCavalier prove to be a tight and experienced rhythm section, keeping the groove on point.  Jenkins gives a strong vocal performance, and even makes a botched microphone misfire into a smiling memory for fans as he uses the moment to discuss the band’s new and upcoming record that they were leaving for Texas in the morning to finish.  The band picks up behind Jenkins and fires into the Happy Diving cover “10” from their latest EP of celebrated cover tunes Thanks For Everything (released August 24).  

“Jumper” a fan favorite and memorable evening highlight, had the entire venue (staff included,) singing along with Jenkins’ classic lyrics.  The Bon Iver classic cover “Blood Bank” was next up and well received by the crowd.  The evening setlist ended on a smoking version of the band’s mega-hit “Semi-Charmed Life,”  keeping fans bouncing on their toes as everyone belted out “Doo Doo Doo… Doo ta Doo” in charming unison, emulating a grinning Jenkins.  And just as fans thought the mega-music experience had come to a close, Jenkins and crew return to deliver a double bonus: the smash hit “How It’s Gonna Be” followed by a memorable performance of “Bonfire.”

Third Eye Blind are an exciting and energetic live performance, that come as a highly recommended concert must-see.  Details and updates about current tour dates, upcoming performances and the upcoming studio news can be found at the band’s official website.

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