Third Eye Blind at The Pearl in Las Vegas, NV

Third Eye Blind winds down their summer tour with a stop in Las Vegas with support from Jimmy Eat World.

It’s the second to last night of this tour and the sold-out crowd packing The Pearl in Las Vegas is determined to enjoy every minute of it.  This venue has two big bands tonight and the crowd is ready to see what they have to deliver.  This is one of the smallest venues on this tour so the fans are in for a treat. 

Up first is Jimmy Eat World.  With this band being from Arizona this is almost a home town show for them, but even without that, the crowd would still come out to see them.  With nine albums to draw from going back to the nineties, they certainly have a catalog and during this time they have developed a loyal fanbase.  Jim Adkins stands front and center in the spotlight and delivers the vocal the crowd came to hear.  They begin with “Pain,” “Futures” and “Bleed American.”  The crowd is loving this and the people on the floor are trying to get as close to the stage as they can.  

Since this is basically a co-headlining tour, they play fourteen songs including “23” and “Hear You Me.”  The songs are fun and the crowd is dancing and singing along.  The overall feel is that of one big party until it culminates with the last song “The Middle” which is the classic singalong anthem for this band. It is a feel-good set that you cannot help but smile through.  After the last notes, the stage begins to change over for Third Eye Blind.

There is a large black curtain hanging in front of the stage.  As soon as it is time, the lights come on behind it revealing the entire band in silhouette.  Almost the whole first song is played this way before the curtain drops and the band is revealed.  Still, the stage is heavily back-lit and the band appears mostly in shadow.  Stephan Jenkins is playing guitar and moving around to various microphones that are placed around the stage.  They begin with “Screamer,” “The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down)” and “Never Let You Go.”

By this point, the lights are brighter and the smoke is filling the stage and the crowd is loving it.  Third Eye Blind manages to mix the rock songs with the acoustics songs perfectly with Jenkins performing almost two whole songs solo acoustically.  About three-quarters of the way through the set we reach the most commonly known songs of “Jumper,” “Blinded (When I See You)” and “How’s It Going to Be.”  The stage and entire room are filled with various multicolored lasers throughout the set and the overall party feel continues.

Jenkins takes multiple moments to speak to the crowd expressing his appreciation.  He points out that this is the end of the tour and that he is just enjoying it and taking it all in.  It is clear he loves what he does and he appreciates everyone there tonight.  After sixteen songs, it is time for the encore consisting of “Losing a Whole Year” and “Semi-Charmed Life” which is the perfect way to end this set on a high note.

These two bands put on a show that can only be described as fun and this sold-out crowd clearly enjoyed every moment of it.  The tour is over now, but the fall dates are sure to be a success if tonight is any indication.

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