Buckcherry at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV

Buckcherry makes a stop in Las Vegas on their tour for their new album Warpaint with support from Joyous Wolf.

This is a show many have been looking forward to since it was announced. Buckcherry is a favorite that always draws well, but they are joined by newcomers Joyous Wolf on this tour. You do not see a show open with a backflip often if not ever, but that is exactly what vocalist Nick Reese does. It is an explosion of energy right from the start that does not let up. While singing he alternates with flips, splits and other all around gymnastic displays. He is a unique performer on this level, but it does not distract from the performance but adds to it. Their album just came out so many are not yet familiar with the band, but they will be after tonight. Joyous Wolf did have a slot on last year’s Las Rageous festival, so for those who caught that set they were looking forward to tonight, and the band did not disappoint.  

They have a classic rock sound that is reminiscent of bands, like Led Zeppelin without being a copycat. It is just the underlying influence of that seventies rock that you can hear in the music. Their nine-song set really introduces them to the crowd. Opening with “Undesired,” “Place in Time” and “Holy Driver,” the hard rock sound is evident and matched by Reese’s performance. He speaks to the crowd and does his best to get their energy up. The energy level of the crowd is slow to build despite his teasing that they are the quietest crowd of the tour, but by the end they are cheering and have caught the energy of their performance. Closing out the set with “Quiet Heart,” Reese climbs into the crowd to perform a series of backflips closing out the set the same way it began. The energy level of the crowd is definitely up and ready for the headliner but at the same time their interest is piqued by this unique band.

Headliner Buckcherry takes the stage and opens their set with the bold choice of a Nine Inch Nails cover, “Head Like A Hole.”  This choice was amazing and unexpected and really set the tone for the night. This cover closes out their new album Warpaint, but no one thought they would open the set with it. Josh Todd delivers the vocal in his unique style but it does justice to this crowd favorite and gets everyone excited for the night to come. From there, they move into “It’s a Party” and “Bent” the later also off of the new album.  

Todd delivers a strong vocal and plays the tambourine but the whole band is worth watching. Stevie D and Kevin Roentgen deliver strong guitar performances while Kelly LeMieux on bass and Francis Ruiz on drums provide a strong bass line for the songs. All four are highly energetic and interesting to watch as Todd prowls the stage. After the first song, Todd throws his bandanna to the excited crowd and the energy keeps building. It is at this point we get into the songs that most are familiar with including “Lit” “Porn Star” and “Sorry.” Todd’s energy keeps growing as the set goes on and his performance just keeps getting better until the set ends with “Crazy B*tch” with “Life in the Fastlane” and “Say F*** It.” The set is a good mix of the old and new and the current album is introduced to the crowd in a strong way. 

Buckcherry does not disappoint on this night and Joyous Wolf gives the crowd a good preview of who they are and what they bring to the rock music scene. Buckcherry will be playing Las Vegas again this summer and it is pretty certain that most of those here tonight will be attending that show as well.  

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