BANKS at The Masonic in San Francisco, CA

Banks brought her sultry Serpentina Tour to the historic Masonic in San Francisco, accompanied by Lauren Jauregui as her opening act.

Close friend and second opening act for the night Lauren Jauregui gave her all in her sultry performance. During her 30-minute set, she performed songs from her 2021 EP Prelude in front of some of her adoring fans who came out just to see her. Lauren has an incredible voice and it’s hard not to be captivated by it during her performances.

The tour is named after Banks‘ most recent album of the same name which she released in early April of this year. To start her set, Banks performed “Misunderstood” which also happens to be the first track on the album, so she was setting the mood for the night right away.

Banks had a nice stage set up with dark and moody lighting and two backup dancers with intense routines that consisted of flips and hair choreography to add to her performance.

Before performing “Gemini Feed” Banks asked if there were any Geminis in the house besides her and the response was loud. She talked about how crazy it was that she has four albums out and is so thankful to everyone who has been there since the beginning. But having four albums makes picking the setlist for her tour incredibly difficult because to Banks, every song feels like a child to her and it feels like she’s picking a favorite child. The whole thing is just a “mind f**k,” as she puts it. After that whole spiel, she went on to perform a song that’s not even on an album called “Better.” It was nice for Banks to finally be back in San Francisco after so long as it is one of her favorite cities and The Masonic is one of her favorite venues as well.

Along with performing songs off her new album, Banks also performed some classics and fan favorites as well like “Waiting Game,” “Brain,” and “Begging For Thread” from her debut album Goddess and “Gimme” from her third album III.

Banks’ music is so unique and stands out so much. Her music is defined as alternative R&B and electropop but the sounds/melodies and lyrics she comes up with are just pure genius. Her lyrics also have hidden and personal meanings to her that nobody else could recreate which just shows how truly talented of a songwriter she is as well as a singer.

This show, unfortunately, marked her fourth to last show on the Serpentina Tour. It wasn’t a very long tour, only a month-long, but in that short time, she was able to hit a lot of cities along the way. This was her first tour since 2019 and she didn’t miss a single beat because, like always, it looked like she was meant to be up on stage.

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