The Wombats at Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN

The Wombats made the fans feel like they were on cloud nine. Dancing and vibing all night long, making Cannery Ballrooms floor buckle.

The opener for the night was Columbus, Ohio natives Clubhouse. Singer Max Reichert excitedly told the crowd how ecstatic they were to be opening for The Wombats on their US tour. He went on to explain how it’s a very big deal for them, they used to listen to The Wombats back in middle school. Fast forward to 2022 and Clubhouse are now living their teenage dreams.

The vocals of Max Reichert and Michael Berthold combined were a buttery smooth match made in heaven. With their voices and great musicianship with the rest of the band, came the energy that filled Cannery Ballroom to the brim. Funky dance moves filled the stage and spread like a wave through the crowd. 

They ended their set with the song “Home Videos,” a song that proved to the crowd that they deserve to be on this stage and tour. They were thoroughly enjoying their time dancing around on stage and preparing the audience for the headliner. 

The night was off to a bang as The Wombats entered the stage. There was such phenomenal energy from both the audience and the band. Vocalist Matthew Murphy selflessly spoke of their newest album Fix Yourself, Not The World which was released back in January. It received raving reviews and The Wombats made sure to uphold their reputation.

During the song “Ready For The High,” Matthew was hitting every single obscenely high note, and somehow kept his voice intact for the wildly different low and high notes in the song. As they brought Murph the mascot on stage, the fans roared with laughter and love. The general weirdness was much welcomed and showed the audience how it is okay to be yourself.

Bass player Tord Overland Knudsen was the star of the night, bouncing across the stage, yet maintaining the ability to play the songs flawlessly. It was adamantly clear that being on stage is what Tord is meant to do in life. He brought the energy through the roof and did not show any signs of slowing down throughout the night.

Matthew dedicated the song ”If You Ever Leave I’m Coming With You” to his wife. When he spoke of his wife the crowd aww’d and ohh’d in adoration. It is a perfect love song, and just in time to send to your valentines next week.

As the intro to “Greek Tragedy” began, the excited squeals were deafening. The crowd began to jump with such force, making the floor buckle from the excitement. The encore of the night came to an end with the song “Turn,” which in turn, turned the buckling ballroom floor into a dance floor. Bodies were moving, glistening with sweat, big smiles plastered on everyone’s face. Just how an end to a concert should look and feel like when The Wombats are headlining.

The Wombats truly have a song for every mood, even with the slower songs the band had intense, mystified energy. They pull the crowd into the daze and make everyone dance their worries away. It is an instant mood booster once you enter one of their concerts. Their new record Fix Yourself, Not The World deserves all the love it can get.

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