Don Broco at Barracuda in Austin, TX

Don Broco, Barracuda, Austin

British post-hardcore punk outfit Don Broco tore up the stage at a sold-out Barracuda in Austin, TX.

The evening began with a handful of openers. Canada natives Selfish Things. They put on an extremely emo(tional) set. In the final song of the 5-track set, lead singer Alex Biro entered the crowd singing into several faces, onlookers coming from the edges to take a peek in the eye of the hurricane, slowly closing in on the vocalist as the track progressed.

Sleep On It chased a swig of whiskey with an equally burning set. Three songs in, the Chicago-based four-piece had the young audience jumping and dancing to “Under The Moment.” Older concert-goers filed in throughout the set, veterans of the pre-, during-, and post-concert going-ons.

In a set containing only seven tracks, Trash Boat finished prepping the audience for the headliner. The punk rock quintet picked some songs from their last LP Crown Shyness as well as their latest single “Synthetic Sympathy,” closing out with “Strangers” from their 2016 debut album.

There is only one word that can sum up a Don Broco set: wild. Absolutely wild. Young fans surged the stage, as they dove into the first track of their set with “Pretty.” The performance only got more insane, in the best way. Before launching into “Porkies,” frontman Rob Damiani climbed the sole tree in the venue, the same tree Enter Shikari vocalist Rou Reynolds happened to climb the Friday before during their stop in the city. Hellbent on being the one to keep the tree-climbing record, Damiani climbed until the branches became too thin, fans below waiting to catch him if he fell and others hoping the star’s stunt wouldn’t take a turn for the worst. The track was played through without a hitch, and the vocalist crowd-surfed back to the stage where the daredevil admitted he hadn’t climbed a tree since he was a kid.

Before a riveting encore consisting of “Come Out To LA” and much-adored “T-Shirt Song,” the Brits closed out the hour-long set with “Everybody” taken from their third full-length Technology, drummer/backing singer Matt Donnelly’s lines being echoed back to him.

“No one’s ever seen me like this/ No one’s ever seen you like this!”

No, no one ever had.

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