Maggie Rose at the A&R Music bar in Columbus, OH

Maggie Rose and opener Fancy Hagood brought sorrowful ballads and upbeat anthems to the A&R Music bar in Columbus, OH.

Toward the end of Fancy Hagood’s set, someone in the crowd was laughing along to a conversation in the back, (as some people do during the opening band). It sounded like someone was accompanying his vocals. Fancy Hagood thought so too for a second, concluding, “I’m killing it!” only to realize it was someone oblivious to his set. Accepting disappointing moments like this seems like a strength that might lead to embarrassment for most. Awkward moments and heartaches have somehow allowed Hagood to create some very positive music and maintain a great sense of humor in the process. He is coming out with a new album very soon to follow up his 2021 release, Souther Curiosity. This new album focuses on a breakup that he is grateful for experiencing and for the person he has become coming out of that relationship. 

Grateful for all of life’s moments, he described a terrible experience at a music fest, which also led to him meeting Maggie Rose. He also mentioned coming out with an album in 2021 that the pandemic wouldn’t allow him to support on the road, and now being an independent artist. In his own words, “Taking the long way around is worth it!” In both his personal life and his music career, he has had some hurdles that he has taken in great stride. This soulful plain-dressed fella’ will likely be picked up again real soon with the songwriting and vocals he has to offer.

Maggie Rose’s performance at the A&R Music Bar emphasized her musical versatility and emotional resonance too. Known for her ability to blend genres, dynamic stage presence, and vocal prowess, Maggie delivered a set that punctuated her versatility and depth as an artist. Maggie is a performer whose true vocal talent transcends the studio recordings during her live performance.

She was in town and performed earlier in the day on the local NPR station WCBE to support her fourth full-length release, No One Gets Out Alive. It has been praised for its bold songwriting and impactful lyrics. Her setlist included powerful tracks from this album such as “Fake Flowers” and “Dead Weight” which resonated with her fans in attendance. One of the standout moments of the night was her performance of another track from this album, “Underestimate Me,” a defiant anthem that has become a fan favorite. Maggie’s delivery was both fierce and heartfelt, embodying the song’s message of resilience and self-belief.

The intimate venue of A&R Music Bar allowed Maggie and her fans to connect quickly even when she had a slight social slip-up. Attempting to get the audience to participate in the rally cry for the local college football team, she accidentally left a letter out of the chant. Fortunately, her guitarist took the reins for a second to get the desired results. She took her sport-related misstep with grace. At least she didn’t mention the “Team Up North,” or thank the people of Cleveland like KISS did when they performed at Columbus’ Polaris Amphitheater in 2000.

At age 16, Maggie Rose started performing, often with The B-Street Band — a Bruce Springsteen tribute band. Tonight’s performance illustrated her growth over the last 20 years as an artist and her commitment to live performances of her own music. She delivered a memorable night filled with excellent music and strong performances, all reinforcing her reputation as a songwriter and live performer.

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