All Time Low at KEMBA Live! in Columbus, OH

All Time Low was greeted with a crowd of longtime fans in Columbus, Ohio for their Tell Me I’m Alive Tour.

Starting off the night of pop-punk music was the band Games We Play from Los Angeles. Listening to their performance, it’s apparent that their music has been inspired by bands like Blink-182. One stand-out moment in their performance was when they played “Mr. Brightside” from The Killers and tossed the microphone to a member of the audience to sing for them. They performed some of their most popular songs, “I Hope You’re Happy,” “Hey Ben,” and “Get A Job.”

Taking the stage next was the iconic pop-punk band Mayday Parade who have been together for eighteen years now. Longtime fans were treated to some earlier hits from Mayday Parade including “Jamie All Over,” “Miserable at Best,” “Jersey,” and “Anywhere But Here.” There was a large sense of nostalgia during some of these throwbacks, especially “Miserable at Best” and “Jamie All Over.” During the show, Derek Sanders brought out Jeremy Lenzo’s wife and son to say hello and fans were full of “oohs” and “ahs.” By the end of Mayday Parade’s set, fans were more than hyped up for the headliners to take the stage next.

After a dynamic performance by Mayday Parade, All Time Low took the stage and was immediately welcomed by excited fans. Alex Gaskarth asked fans how many had been to an All-Time Low show before and the results were astounding. More than three-quarters of the crowd had already seen them live. They put on a charismatic show that covered over twenty-five songs and the band did an amazing job of interacting with fans in-between songs. Fans encouraged the band to sing along to the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song, to which they willingly did but noted how that was a first for them. Within their expansive twenty-five-song setlist, the band also made time to play their own versions of “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “All Star,” and “Fat Lip.”

All Time Low, like Mayday Parade, have been together for awhile in the pop-punk music scene with the band being established in 2003. Jack Barakat and Gaskarth talked about how their first show in Columbus was at The Basement which is located beside KEMBA Live! and holds only around two-hundred people. The band expressed the surreal feeling of growing and playing at KEMBA Live! The band played hit songs from their latest album Tell Me I’m Alive which included opening the show with “Tell Me I’m Alive.” Fan favorites from the album that were performed included “…Sleepwalking” and “Calm Down.”

All Time Low made sure to play their earlier hits such as “Therapy,” “Weightless,” “Break Your Little Heart,” and “Somewhere in Neverland.” Of course, the show could not be complete without playing the song that kicked off their career, “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” During their performance of this song, the band was accompanied on stage by the mascot from the NHL team the Blue Jackets, Stinger. Stinger got to rock out on stage and was given a guitar to help bring the night home.

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