Bleachers at Moody Amphitheater in Austin, TX

While on their From the Studio to the Stage Tour, Bleachers delivered an exhilarating performance, captivating the audience with their memorable tunes.

Bleachers is an American pop band from New Jersey. Most recognize the band by their frontman and producer Jack Antonoff. Antonoff not only produces all of their music but has also produced albums for so many other artists. With the likes of Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, Clario, and so many more on his resume, it’s fair to say he alone had a huge impact on music in the 2010s. He has also worked on various soundtracks including Fifty Shades Darker and Minions: The Rise of Gru. In March of 2024, Bleachers released their fourth self-titled studio album. 

Opening for Bleachers is singer/songwriter artist, Samia. For the past ten years, Samia has been making music. She is also a member of the band Peach Fuzz. As a solo artist, Samia has released two studio albums. Her most recent album Honey was released in January of 2023. She opened her set with “Pool.” After performing “Kill Her Freak Out,” she apologized to the audience for getting a little aggressive while singing the lyrics “and I’ll f****** kill her.” She also sang her title track “Honey,” from her new album and closed with “Is There Something in the Movies?”

As the clouds darkened and phones were alerted with severe weather storm warnings, Bleachers came out onto the stage. It seemed the plan was to play for as long as they could before the weather interrupted. Luckily for fans, they would make it through the entire set with only a few drops of rain here and there. They opened with “I Am Right on Time” which ironically they were considering the delay scare. The entire night Antonoff joked that the lawn section was feral. From his point of view, they looked eerily like a singular organism all jumping in unison. Energy was high across the entire amphitheater. During “Chinatown,” the large side screens showed that a couple up at the barricade got engaged. They played other songs such as “How Dare You Want More” and mashed up “I Miss Those Days” and “Me Before You.” 

Mid-set, Antonoff exclaimed to the crowd how much they loved Austin. He mentioned all the different venues they played in Austin over the past two decades before telling a funny story about his first time playing in Austin when he was 15 at Beerland, to which the owners were not happy about having booked minors at their bar. After playing “Let’s Get Married,” the guys slowed the night down with a few acoustic songs performed by Antonoff solo. Before getting on with the last few songs on the setlist, Antonoff asked the crowd if anyone had watched the solar eclipse there at the Moody Amphitheater before the Vampire Weekend concert. Surprisingly, a lot of people had. To that he responded he was jealous. They closed their set with “Stop Making This Hurt” and did not come back for an encore.

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