P!NK at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI

P!NK’s powerful pipes serenade siren-like while she soars high above a sold-out crowd of thousands at Motown’s Comerica Park.

It’s been four long years since the mighty Motor City has had a visit from the platinum-headed popstar P!NK. She’s back… and this time she has brought her Summer Carnival Stadium 2023 Tour to Detroit’s premiere venue, (and home of the Detroit Tigers) Comerica Park. Tonight, 41,083 happy ticket-holding fans have come from across the state to attend the biggest, bonafide bouncing bash of the century. Such a diverse crowd of young and old are here this evening… many are dressed in their best P!NK swag (and a few convincing celebrity look-a-likes can be seen mingling in the crowd). Seatbelts on… here comes P!NK…
8:58 PM, a P!NK-a-fied “Maxine” Headroom blasts across the jumbotron and begins to address this screaming crowd. Headroom shouts out, “Let’s get this party started!”   High above, we see our high-flying heroine P!NK… strapped in, smiling… and she is ready to party! Her band launches into “Get the Party Started” as P!NK drops from her perch getting a double suspension bounce before landing the perfect airborne splits amidst a shower of sparkling sequins. This epic night at the Summer Carnival has officially started!
She lowers to the floor, detaches her harness, and joins her squad, already shakin’ to the groove. Midway through the tune, the iconic keyboard intro to the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” gives a spicy remix to the track as two beefy young lads lower from the air to attach our queen back to her aerial rig. A quick fling and off she goes airborne again. Now suspended by beefcake one and beefcake two as she keeps those vocals on point despite her rigorous circus stunts. A few more flips and dips and she drops to the floor, finishing off the tune with a classy ode to Annie Lennox “…Sweet dreams are made of these!” 
The hits “Raise Your Glass,” “Who Knew,” and “Just Like a Pill” are next and this night has transformed into an amazing group singalong (from beginning to end!). P!NK steps to the mic and asks the crowd if they like her new jacket (spikey and super sequined), the crowd hoots back and she continues, “Please enjoy this makeup for half a more song… it’s good to remember that I have potential!” the loving fans applaud back as she launches into “Try,” and she closes out Act I with a dance-ified version of “What About Us.”
Some wardrobe changes and we start the next part of the show with an expressive dance routine to a beating heart. P!NK  joins with a partner and dances us into the introduction of the new song “Turbulence” from her latest album Trustfall. She takes the performance back into the air as she delivers emotional and hard-hitting lyrics that convey the tune’s heartfelt meaning. The night keeps rolling with the Bob Dylan cover “Make You Feel My Love,” “Just Give Me a Reason,” and mega crowd-pleaser “F**kin Perfect.” Act II wraps up with a smoking mash-up of “Just Like Fire” blended into Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker” and we see guitarist extraordinaire Justin Derrico deliver a smoking guitar solo, full of fun-time wah-pedal and hammer-ons.
Act III has arrived and P!NK steps to the mic and says “This is an old song… this is me trying to make an authentic apology… without smiling!” She cracks a genuinely cheesy grin before breaking into an unplugged version of the classic “Please Don’t Leave Me.” “Cover Me in Sunshine” is next, and midway through the song, P!NK’s daughter Willow Sage Hart joins her mother on stage, and finishes off the song with a spot-on vocal performance, just like mom. Justin joins her center stage, for a classy, stripped-down version of “Don’t Let Me Get Me.” P!NK then says, “It’s hard to talk about loss… I always like to go funny, humor is like my backup. I asked my dad what he wanted to be before he passed away, what he wanted to come back as. He said, ‘Well, you know honey, I’m a pilot, how about a bird in flight?’ That sounds good, like a hawk or an eagle. And then he said, ‘Or maybe a chipmunk!'” P!NK then explained that the day after he passed she opened her windows and a hawk came in and landed on her dining room table. She turned and said, “OH MY GOD!!!! DAD!!!!” She went on to explain that she was recently on Twitter and “Anderson if you’re here, I know you recently lost your mama and I wanted to dedicate this song to you.” She proceeds to perform “When I Get There” (and not a dry eye in the stadium!). This act closes with “I Am Here” and “Irrelevant.”
The final act has arrived, and we get the Sade cover of “No Ordinary Love,” the title track of her latest album Trustfall, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” and an extended play version of “Never Gonna Not Dance Again.”  
The best is yet to come… the most spectacular encore you could serve to an already bedazzled crowd of star-struck smilers! The fans get a double dose… “Last Call” followed by the Mt. Everest of pop tunes “So What.” Just before “So What,” P!NK gets strapped into her aerial harness, and says, “I’m coming to see y’all in the back!” True to her word… off she goes, just like Superwoman! Her launch sends her catapulting across the ginormous stadium, flipping end over end, and occasionally stopping to wave and smile for fans as she dangles directly above or in front of them. As the song comes to an end, P!NK begins air jogging as she orbits the entire stadium, while singing out the last of the tunes epic lines. Wide-eyed, this satisfied crowd snaps out of sensory overload as she lands and brings this amazing night of everlasting memories to an end. Talk about “Go Big or Go Home”… right?
P!NK is a feel-good, high-energy, HOLY WOW concert experience that is truly thee show of a lifetime! Be sure to put the Summer Carnival Stadium Tour 2023 at the very top of your bucket list… with plenty more dates to come. Check P!NK’s official website for dates, details, and current news. While you are there, grab a copy of her latest album Trustfall, also available on vinyl.
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