Tesla at the Sound Board Theater in Detroit, MI

Tesla breaks out all of the hits when their Time to Rock Tour makes a stopover to Detroit rock city.

For 37 years, the Sacramento California quintet known as Tesla has been entertaining millions of devoted fans with their proprietary blend of 70s style, classic homegrown rock ‘n’ roll… infused with a juicy twist of 80s edgy hair metal. This proven formula has worked well and turned out multiple platinum albums and countless chart-topping hits. When team Tesla wheels into Motown, it’s more than a big deal… in fact, the entire state comes out to spend the night with these modern-day cowboys. Annnnd voila – your mundane Tuesday workday has been instantly transformed into a party night as lines and lines of Tesla fans pack into a sold-out Soundboard Theater of the Motor City Casino.
Fast forward to game time…
8:45 PM and the huge stage of the SBT comes to life with the Tesla logo, illuminating the massive stage-wide Jumbotron. A mashup of historical Tesla songs begins to play to the crowd as we see five musical phantoms glide across the stage. BOOM… lights… action and…. TESLA! (Rock history factoid – they were once known as City Kid before they changed the name to Tesla in the early 80s). Wasting no time, a smiling Jeff Keith takes to the mic as the band launches into the epic night with “Lady Luck.” The crowd is ready to go and joins Keith for a rockstar sing-along. “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Hang Tough” are next up and the frenzied fans keep to the beat with smiling fist pumps while Keith works the stage, pointing at his grinning/singing fans in the front row. JK takes to the mic and says, “Can you believe it’s been 37 years Detroit? And we’re still right here, rocking with you!”
Tesla rolls out their newest single, “Time to Rock,” and this hard-hitting track is an instant crowd-pleaser! Pure, classic Tesla with deep and heavy guitar grooves that are so crunchy they reach out and bite ya! Guitarists Frank Hannon and Dave Rude are digging deep, swapping licks and ringing crispy riffs out of their smoking fretboards. They follow up with the banger “Heavens Trail” and the patriotic and deeply emotional “Private Ledbetter.” A massive American flag is emblazoned across the 50-foot screens as the band takes a moment and salutes the crowd. Hannon steps center stage armed with a black Fender Stratocaster. Frank proceeds to treat the crowd to a wizard-level version of the Hendrix spinoff of the National Anthem (guitar geeks must bow!).
The band keeps the night rolling with “Lazy Days and Crazy Nights,” “Miles Away,” “Changes,” and the feel-good tune, “Love Me.” Crowd energies are nearly combustible when they unleash “Call It What You Want,” followed by “What You Give.” OG bassist Brian “BDub” Wheat, and touring drummer Steve Brown make a great team, keeping the rhythm section tight and in the pocket throughout the night.
The time has now come… Rude and Hannon mount their acoustic steeds and play those oh-so-familiar intro notes to the almighty “Love Song.” This crowd goes wild… and a smiling Hannon and Rude take a dramatic pause to allow the horde to compose themselves. Keith emerges as the intro plays out just in time to croon out the classic chart-topping lyrics while everyone in attendance sings along with him. Tesla brings the night to a close with the old school burner “Little Suzi,” and encore the awestruck crowd with the Five Man Electrical Band cover of the classic tune “Signs” (and probably one of the best drunk karaoke tunes of all time!).
Tesla comes as a Loud Hailer recommended concert experience that is high energy and full of good-time vibes. Be sure to catch them on the Time to Rock Tour, underway now. Check out the band’s official website for tour dates, details, and current news. And while you are there, be sure to grab their latest single “Time to Rock” (available for immediate download, and buddy…it’s a banger!) 
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