Shadow Gold by Warhorses

When critics lament that rock is dead, they only need to listen to Shadow Gold by Warhorses to realize the terrible lie they tell themselves.

The late great Hunter S. Thompson wrote in his book Kingdom of Fear; “Music has always been a matter of energy to me, a question of fuel. Sentimental people call it inspiration, but what they really mean is fuel. I have always needed fuel. I am a serious consumer. On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio.” This is indeed truth for music is fuel and Shadow Gold by the Warhorses is high octane.

Imagine a setting sun as a glowing guitar howls with feedback. Then pouncing like a tiger from the river’s edge, drum, bass and guitars crash. The driving beat instills the feeling of the chase. All of this and more greet the listener as they dive into the first track called “Gone” on Shadow Gold by Warhorses.

Warhorses create their own urgent amalgam of hard-driving rock music which flirts in the dirty dive bar floor with shoegaze glee and psychedelic muscles. At times, it helps to have references to frame your thoughts. In the case of the music on Shadow Gold, consider aspects of bands like Killing Joke, The Seeds, The Flaming Lips, and Tea Party. Obviously from that list, it is hard to pigeon hole the sound of Warhorses.Shadow Gold by Warhorses

The music on Shadow Gold moves from troubled dreams to manic hypnosis. The song “Poisonous” uses languid vocals and accenting reverbed guitars undercut with an insistent rhythm to lull you into a fitful sleep. Meanwhile, the song “Killing” employs clawing guitars, beckoning vocals, and a driving beat to compel and entrance you. Thoughts of rushing waters, turbulent undercurrents, and a vicious riptide fleet through the mind as the music pours from the headphones.

On the song “Desintegracion,” Warhorses amplifies acid dreams with eerie synths and a haunted trumpet. The bass line plays with your subconscious as a disembodied radio voice speaks words of wisdom that no one will hear. This is one of the many highlights found on Shadow Gold.

A favorite track for high-speed shenanigans on the open road is “Sound Of Thunder.” The relentless rhythm shoves you forward as the guitars hiss and growl. The lead solo flashes with heat and fire. This will be a fun song to bounce around with friends at a show.

There are plenty of treasures to discover on Shadow Gold by Warhorses. The music on this album creates a hunger to explore. Savor the umbra of this recording to reap the rewards it has to offer.

Shadow Gold is set for release on October 25.

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