Motionless In White at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV

Motionless In White brings The Trick or Treat tour to Las Vegas with support from We Came As Romans, After the Burial and Twiztid.

Halloween is the perfect time for a Motionless In White concert so when The Trick or Treat Tour was announced, it was highly anticipated but the fact that there were three other amazing bands on the lineup only increased the excitement. Twiztid, the three-piece horrorcore rap band from Detroit, is up first. This group is always a crowd favorite due to their lyrics and their energy on the stage. Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child prowl the around and get the crowd moshing. The only instrument played is drums but the drummer is so animated you just want to watch his playing. Twiztid does an amazing job getting this crowd moving during their thirty-minute set.

With four bands you expect the set changes to be quick and they are. After barely fifteen minutes, After the Burial takes the stage. The progressive metal band has so many strobes flashing behind them, it creates an intense feeling which is just highlighted by their fast and technical music. Vocalist Anthony Notarmaso is on the riser at the front of the stage delivering the strong vocal. This band has been around since 2004 and has six albums to draw from, including their 2019 release Evergreen.  Their seven-song set covers their career including performances of “Lost in the Static,” “Collapse” and “A Wolf Amongst Ravens.” The moshing in the crowd is intense for their whole set and is only going to continue as We Came As Romans are about to take the stage.

We Came As Romans has been very popular in Las Vegas for a while and tonight is no different. This metalcore band from Detroit has had to change their sound a bit since the unexpected passing of singer Kyle Pavone, but Dave Stephens who always did their unclean vocals has taken over both roles extremely well. The new sound is harder and heavier but is still We Came As Romans. Stephens brings an intensity and emotion to the performance especially when he talks about Pavone and the song they have written for him. The rest of the band, as always, is full of energy. Guitarists Joshua Moore and Lou Cotton and bassist Andy Glass fly through the air for the entire set and as expected the crowd is matching them with moshing and crowd-surfing. The set includes “To Plant a Seed,” “Lost in a Moment” and “Vultures with Clipped Wings.” This band shows no signs of slowing down and their fans appreciate it.

It is now time to reveal the stage for Motionless In White. There have been little hints all night, but it is now time for the big reveal. It is well-known that this band are huge fans of horror and Halloween, so it is not surprising to see the stage adorned with dozens of flickering pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons. The lights go out and the band takes the stage. First thing to note is they are now a four-piece which is new. Chris “Motionless” Cerulli walks to the center microphone which is a spooky lantern and the set explodes and the crowd along with it. They open with “Undead Ahead 2,” “Reincarnate” and “Necessary Evil.” Chris Motionless is all over the stage and reaching into the crowd. He, as always, commands the stage and never fails to disappoint with his vocal or his performance. Tonight the whole band is matching his intensity, but newest member Justin Morrow is really interacting with the fans in the front. These two together are making the fans happy for their attention.

The set continues playing older songs from the album Creatures including “Abigail” which Chris says is still their most requested song so love it or hate it they are going to play it now. There are various monsters that come out on to the stage and at times chase the band around as the set continues with songs like “Voices,” “Immaculate Misconception,” “Brand New Numb” and “Catharsis.” Thirteen songs from their catalog are played and the crowd knows the words to every one before the encore of “Eternally Yours” closes out the night.

This show has it all from rap to various styles of metal. There is the theatrical and the straightforward heavy fast music so there is something for everything. One thing is certain, no one is leaving this show early or disappointed.  

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