Rival Sons at the Fillmore in Detroit, MI

Fans of all ages flock to the Fillmore to rock the night away with Rival Sons as their tour makes a sold out stop in the Motor City.

The legendary Fillmore of Metro Detroit is known for big names, big performances and big crowds in this 3000+ capacity venue. Sold-out status for a Tuesday night came quickly when Detroiters discovered the Rival Sons were on the way to the “D”. A diverse crowd is here, the young, the old, and everyone in between have been packed ever so carefully into the bowels of this massive concert theater. Bikers, rockers, punkers, metalheads and blues cats are here tonight giving testimonial to the Rival Son’s broad listener/fan base.

Stage darkness is shattered by a massive projection of a prehistoric skeleton. In the distance, a faint roar can be heard, gradually increasing as a heart appears within the skeleton. The heart begins to beat, almost to deafening levels as the shadows of five mysterious musicians emerge from side stage and take up performance positions on the massive stage. House lights come to life, the crowd goes wild with their first glimpse of the long beach natives known as the Rival Sons. The five-piece band gleams smiles of appreciation to the crowd as singer Jay Buchanan takes center stage attention with a big “Hello Detroit!” Guitarist Scott Holiday stepping forward equipped with his signature reverse neck Firebird (and a most excellent mustache and sunglass combo) takes charge ripping the intro lick to “Back In The Woods.” 

The night is underway and full throttle right from the green light. The crowd is energized as Buchanan launches into his version of an impromptu Rock-N-Roll Kung Fu, delivering kicks and chops to illustrate his powerful vocals. “Sugar On The Bone” comes next and drummer Mike Miley and bassist Dave Beste keep their sultry back beat tight and deep in the pocket for the duration of the night’s show. “Pressure and Time” is next igniting an electrical frenzy of fist-pumping from the horde of sing-a-long fans. Holiday’s chops are crispy and rifftacular as his vintage rig nearly combusts during a most memorable guitar solo. “Electric Man” keeps the voltage high as Buchanan gets up close and personal with his fans in the front row. The band presses on for nearly ninety minutes, delivering a massive thirteen-song set with a bonus two-song encore that would make the bluesiest of bluesman and the rockin-est of rockers crack an appreciative smile.  

The band presents an emotional and compelling version of bluesy ballad “Jordan.” Next up, “Face of Light/Sacred Tongue,”  and into the new track ” Feral Roots,” which is well-received by the audience. “Open My Eyes” is up next and a crowd pleaser. Buchanan’s gritty and gut-wrenching vocals get a boost with his rockstar judo kicks and charismatic stage poses. Axeman Holiday busts out some bluesy, delta fueled slide licks for the grove on “Torture.” The night comes to a pre-encore plateau with the delivery of the catchy “Do Your Worst.” The crowd dripping of sweat and rock funk gets a jolt when the Sons return to the stage to top the night with encore performances of “Shooting Stars” and “Keep On Swinging.” 
Rival Sons comes as a highly recommended concert experience that is energetic and full of old school, good time, kick-ass rock and roll: played just the way it should be! Catch the Rival Sons currently on the road with their national tour Feral Roots. Concert dates, band news and information can be found on the band’s official website.
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